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EgyptAir is a well renowned airline known for the services it provides and the connectivity. It is a star alliance member as well. Based out in Egypt, it provides many domestic as well as international flights to various locations.

If you have a booking with EgyptAir and you wish to reschedule it for a further date and you wish to know the price for the same then the below mentioned points will help.

How To Reschedule EgyptAir Flight

Your EgyptAir flight can easily be rescheduled with the help of the following points-

  • Login to your account on the official website of EgyptAir.
  • Click on the section of My Booking.
  • In the drop down box, input your Last name and your Booking reference number and click on See your bookings.
  • This will showcase all the flights you have under that booking reference.
  • You can easily change the time and date for the flight to the ticketed destinations subject to the availability and the requirement you have.
  • The cost for rescheduling are;
  • Change fee per passenger- 30 dollars for Domestic and 75 dollars for International.
  • Cancel free per passenger- 40 dollars for Domestic and 100 dollars for International.

The above mentioned points give a clear picture about Reschedule EgyptAir Flight and the amount to do so.

EgyptAir Flight Change Policy

  • No-Show- No-Show means that you had a booking, a seat reserved but still you did come to board the flight even after rescheduling your flight the following charges will be reinstated to your account.
  • If you are still under your Flight pass advance booking limit which allows you to reschedule a flight then 75 percent of the amount you paid for the fare will be applied per passenger.
  • If you are outside the limit of your Flight pass advance then an amount of 175 percent will be applied.
  • If you purchased a non-refundable ticket and you end up getting in a no-show situation then no amount of refund will be given to you.

Therefore, the above mentioned points will help you with all the scenarios you can end in as for the EgyptAir Flight Change Policy.

EgyptAir Rebooking Flight

If you wish to rebook your flight then make sure that you do by visiting the official website of EgyptAir and do so by going to the My Booking section, inputting your credentials and then looking for your bookings and then rebooking for a new flight. Be aware that a charge will be applied as mentioned earlier to the flights that you’ll be willing to rebook.

Therefore, EgyptAir Rebooking Flight can be understood with the help of above mentioned points.

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