EgyptAir 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Does Egyptair have 24 hour Cancellation Policy 

Change of plans? Or stuck in a situation that is affecting your travel? Then you shall not panic as there are some airlines that offer you the flexibility to change or cancel your flight. And one such airline is EgyptAir understands your situation and is ready to help. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy on Egyptair. If you cancel the tickets within the same day of, 24 hours from the time of booking, no cancellation charges will be levied on the passenger canceling the ticket.

Cancel your Flight Bookings With EgyptAir Cancellation Policy

With EgyptAir, you can easily choose to make changes in your travel with the option of managing my reservation. So, if you are stuck in a situation that is unavoidable and is hampering your travel then you are free to cancel your flight with EgyptAir. but before canceling your flight, you need to check EgyptAir Cancellation policy and this is mentioned further in this article. 

Learning About EgyptAir Cancellation Policy

When you cancel a ticket due to unforeseen occurrences, a few terms and conditions are termed in the cancellation policy that must be considered while going through the cancellation process. Please read ahead to learn about Egyptair cancellation policy: 

  1. If the ticket is canceled within 24 hours of booking, no canceled fees will be charged.
  2. If the ticket is canceled beyond the risk-free period, a passenger will have to pay a certain amount as a cancellation fee.
  3. No cancellation charges will be payable if the passenger can furnish proof of a medical emergency or the demise of a close relative.
  4. If it is a group booking, you must contact customer service for individual ticket cancellation.
  5. If the ticket is canceled for the airline’s fault, like a delayed flight, or technical snags, no cancellation charges will be charged.

So, with the help of the above information on EgyptAir Cancellation policy, you can make wise decisions before canceling your flight. 

How much does it Cost to Cancel a Flight with Egyptair 

If you cancel the tickets, a specific amount will be charged as a cancellation fee, which is as follows:

  • For domestic flights: USD 40
  • For international flights: USD 100

The amount may vary depending on the class, destination, and the time of the ticket cancellation.

Can I get a Full Refund if i cancel EgyptAir Flight

Yes, a full refund can be received if the cancellation has been made according to the policy. To get a full refund on the ticket after cancellation, you must be aware of the refund policy:

  • You will be given a Travel voucher as a refund to use for future booking or other services. The travel voucher must be used before the expiry period.
  • If you do not want the travel voucher, you will receive the refund in the same mode used for purchasing the tickets.
  • If the ticket is refundable, a full refund will be given on cancellation.
  • If the ticket is canceled for the delay or other fault of the airline, full ticket money will be paid for the refund to the passenger.
  • No refunds can be claimed if the flight is missed by the passenger.
  • To summarise, every refund will be subject to the terms and conditions of Egyptair.

About Egypt Air Refund Policy

A lot of people cancel their flights after booking. Some do because their plans get cancel while few get some urgent work. And once passengers cancel their important flight, the only thing which bothers the is the cancellation fee and refund. But if you had a booking in Egypt Air and you want to cancel it, then you can easily go to the website or even call upon reservation helpline number to cancel the flight. Moreover, once you have canceled your flight, you can apply for a refund too. To find out about the Egypt Air Refund policytap below.

Refund Policies of the Egypt Air

1. If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, you can get a full refund without any cancellation charges.

2. Similarly, if you cancel your flight post 24 hours then a refund will be calculated depending upon the cancellation fee or the fare type.

3. In case of cancellation of flight because of the bad weather or technical error by the airline, you will get the entire refund without any cancellation.

4. You will not be eligible for any flight refund if you miss your flight and don’t even inform the airline.

5. For canceling the flight and applying for a refund, you can also call upon the reservation helpline number.

And that’s all for the refund policy of Egypt Air. Now if in case you have any further doubt then contact the customer care team.

How to Request a Refund on Egyptair?

After you have canceled the ticket, a request for a refund can be made in the following ways:

Online request: To get back the amount of the canceled tickets, you can fill out and submit a request form. To find the refund form:

  • Go to
  • Click on the contact us tab
  • Select the online refund option
  • Enter the necessary details and submit the form
  • The customer service will evaluate the form and revert with necessary information.

Call to request a refund: you can call customer service and get the latest updates on the refund status after the tickets are canceled. 

Send an email: To know the terms and conditions and the other details about the refund, you can email Customer service will update you on all the queries mentioned in the email. 

Seeking Assistance From EgyptAir Customer Support! 

Those passengers who are facing any issue while canceling the flight are free to contact the customer support of its travel companion.

How Can One  Contact Customer Service Resolve EgyptAir Queries

Are you planning a trip with EgyptAir anytime soon and have queries regarding the reservations and policies? Then, you can seek assistance from the airline customer to quickly resolve your reservation related queries. And for the travelers, who have no clue how to reach out to the customer service, they can read out this article to gather complete information.

Ways To Contact EgyptAir Live Person

For the users who wish to seek assistance for EgyptAir bookings, they can reach out to the EgyptAir Customer Service Live Person, the travel experts who have expertise in resolving various reservation related queries and issues.  

Besides, to make it easier for travelers to contact the live person at EgyptAir customer service, they are offered different contact options that include the following:

1) Make a phone call

The airline has introduced different support numbers that one can opt for as per their query and seek assistance from the live person. Further, to get more info on the support numbers, one can visit the airline website and manage their trip accordingly. 

2) Send an email

For any reason, if the passenger fails to contact the live person over a phone call, the user can send an email on the official email id of EgyptAir Customer Service. Further, the traveler can explain their issue and query and seek prompt help. 

Still, if the travelers fail to resolve their queries, then they can feel free to visit the local office of the airline to seek help to plan out their trip in time.

Services Offered By EgyptAir Customer Service

For the users who are wondering what services one can seek by contacting EgyptAir Customer Service, they can check out the list mentioned below: 

  • Assistance to change reservations
  • Seat assignment for the booking
  • Complaints regarding the recent travel
  • Processing refunds for the cancelled bookings
  • Payment support services and more

Thus, this is the complete details on how one can contact EgyptAir Customer Service and the services that they can seek from the live person to plan out the next trip in time. 

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