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Made Spelling Mistakes? United Airlines Help You With Its Flexible Name Change Policy

United Airlines is known for its over-the-top policies, and one such example is the name change policy. So, if you made minor mistakes while writing your name in the passenger’s details section, the airline allows you to process the change without any hassle. However, the airline makes it necessary that you change the names as long as it matches with the government-issued IDs. 

This article throws light on several concerns related to changing names on United Airlines. Here, you find all-inclusive details about the process involved, the name change policy, and the charges applied by the airline; keep reading to learn about them!

Can I Change The Name On A United Airlines Ticket

As long as you adhere to the name change terms and conditions, you can make hassle-free name changes on United Airlines. Check out the below-mentioned steps you can rely upon and bring name modifications:

  • Go to the United Airlines official website and search for the My Trips section.
  • You need to insert the Confirmation Number and Last Name to access your reservation.
  • Go to the name modification section and comply with the instructions as prompted on your screen.
  • Once you complete the name changes, the airline redirects you to the payment page if you need to pay for the changes.
  • Complete the transaction, and the airline will send you the revised invoice with the corrected name on your registered contact information.

Not all the tickets qualify for a name change, so you must check the eligibility before processing the change. And, you need to pay the applicable charges if you fail to abide by the name change terms and conditions.

How Much Does United Airlines Charge To Change Name On Ticket?

United Airlines makes it easier for travelers to make name corrections, and they can do it for free when done within the name change regulations. The airline does not allow you to change the full name and transfer it to another. 

Nevertheless, the airline charges around 200 USD if you change names up to 2 hours within the scheduled departure. 

United Airlines Name Change Policy

The airline introduced its name change policy for travelers who made a typo while booking tickets. Some of the efficient policies are mentioned below for your reference; check out:

  • You can only make changes if your flight is directly operated by United Airlines.
  • If you have a code-share flight, you can make changes only for the United Airlines part of the ticket.
  • You cannot change the passenger’s gender and date of birth because of the name change, implying that the name change policy is effective only if you formalize the name correction.
  • The airline allows one name correction per reservation, and beyond that, you need to pay the applied name change charges. 
  • If you want to transfer the ticket to someone else, you need to cancel the reservation first and then process a new booking with the concerned party’s name.

You now know how to skip paying the United Airlines name change fee and process the changes without hassle. But, if you face trouble correcting on your own, you can reach out to the airline’s customer service team at 1 (800) 864-8331. The agents can make the required changes; however, you also need to pay the administration charges.


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