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United Airlines has recently released updated travel guidelines to benefit travelers facing trip inconsistency due to COVID. If your trip is also affected due to COVID, you are allowed to make changes in your reservation, or you can also cancel it.

If you wish to gather information about United Airlines' covid policy or be updated with its guidelines, this article can guide you efficiently. Check out the article to find COVID protocols embraced by the airline to ensure travelers’ safety.

CoronaVirus Updates At United Airlines

United Airlines has recently waived off the flight change fees for the travelers who cancel their itinerary due to COVID. Below discussed is some of the safety protocols prioritized by the airline-

  • A traveler can only change their Basic Economy ticket if its issuance date is by 31 December 2021.
  • United Airlines works closely as per the regulations imposed by Federal Law, every traveler above the age group of 2 must wear a face mask; if you fail to comply with this basic guideline, United Airlines has the right to deny your boarding.
  • The United Airlines COVID policy for domestic flights states that every traveler must present a negative COVID certificate to ensure healthy enough to commence the trip.

What are the United initiatives to ensure safety onboard?

United Airlines prioritizes the health and comfort of its travelers, which is why they have launched the United CleanPlus Commitment program. Under the program, the airline teams up with Clorox to maintain cleanliness and hygiene inside the aircraft.

How can I request a refund due to COVID at United?

You could visit the airline’s refund page to request a refund if your United Airlines flight got disrupted due to any underlying COVID-19 prohibitions.

How to check the refund status?

Most of the travelers are seeking a refund due to coronavirus disruptions, causing a high volume of requests to handle at a time. It might take around three weeks to receive a refund; however, you can check the refund status by visiting the official page of the airline. Also, you can get the status by clicking on the link provided in your email address at the time of refund request submission.

What is the validity period of United Airlines' e-travel certificates?

United Airlines, foreseeing the situation caused by the pandemic, has extended the validity of e-travel certificates for up to two years. 

Can I change or cancel a United flight?

Yes, you can make necessary changes to your reservation or cancel it if you face any uncertain travel situation due to the pandemic. You need to visit the airline’s official My Trips links available on the homepage to make the amendments.

Is wearing a mask necessary to travel with United Airlines?

Yes, you must wear a mask from the moment you enter the airport until you deplane to the chosen destination. You can only remove the mask in case of food or water intake.

For any further United Airlines Covid updates, you must take assistance from the United Airlines customer service team. The agents can enlighten you about any existing or upcoming policies that you must know about. What are you waiting for? Reserve a seat with United Airlines to enjoy safe and sound travel with United Airlines!

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