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United Airlines provides vouchers and travel points to its travelers who cancel their flights within the set standards. Also, you can get a voucher if you book a ticket using your credit card or upgrade your seat with United Airlines. 

How To Get United Voucher

If you have a voucher from United Airlines, you can benefit from your trip by claiming it effectively. With the help of this article, you get to know how to redeem United Airlines voucher and other important information related to it. Have a good read!

Steps To Redeem United Voucher

If you want to claim your hard-earned voucher from United Airlines, follow the given steps, and you are good to go-

  • Open the United Airlines official homepage and get to the flight booking window.
  • Provide the details like flight’s origin and destination, including the journey dates; hit the Search button after reviewing the details.
  • Now, you need to choose an appropriate flight from the available option on the screen.
  • Insert the passenger’s details- full name and contact information must include an active contact number and an email address to receive any relevant information.
  • Next, you see the payment information page to select the United Payment Types to redeem your available travel certificate. 
  • Provide voucher details and the issuer’s surname before tapping on the Apply button.
  • Lastly, click on the Purchase button to book a flight seamlessly on your own.
  • United Airlines then sends you the booking confirmation message in your email or on the registered contact number.

These steps can help you redeem a United Airlines flight ticket voucher evidently; however, you can try contacting the United reservation center if you face any difficulty. The agents can help you book a ticket using your voucher so that you do not face any trouble!

 United Airlines Voucher Term And Condition

Before you advance your way to booking a ticket redeeming your voucher, there are some conditions, as discussed below, you must keep in your mind- 

  • United Airlines does not allow you to purchase any additional service directly with your vouchers; to buy an additional service, you must use the voucher to book a ticket and proceed further by making additional purchases.
  • United Airlines bestows upon the vouchers to benefit your future travel only, so you can use the United voucher to purchase a trip sponsored by United Airlines and its alliances.
  • To get the travel voucher details of the airline, you must visit the United Airlines official website or contact the official United Airlines customer service only.
  • The travel voucher expires a year after the date United Airlines issued it.
  • The travel voucher of United Airlines must not be confused with cash and should not be exchanged otherwise.
  • United Airlines prohibits the exchange of vouchers for any commercial use; if caught otherwise, the passenger would have to face some consequences.

Now that you know how to use my United Airlines voucher, now can be the best time to book a ticket using one. Do not think twice before demanding any assistance from the United Airlines representatives. The agents are willing to assist you with the voucher use so that you lead an inexpensive and pleasing journey to your preferred destination.

Does United Airlines Allow You To Use A Voucher For Someone Else?

Yes, at United Airlines, you are allowed to use a travel voucher for someone other than yourself. The airline provides these vouchers and credits to make future trips inexpensive for those unable to commence on their present itinerary. 

In this article, you can find how do I use a voucher on United and what things to consider before you redeem the voucher. So, keep reading until you clearly understand using a United Airlines voucher.

Here Is An Easy Guide to Help You Use United Voucher for Someone Else

Do you have a travel voucher from United Airlines but don’t have any trip planned shortly? Well, you can also use these vouchers to benefit the trip of someone else that you know of. Below-discussed is a detailed guide about how you can make your voucher useful for someone you know-

Credit Conversion: 

If you want to invest your credit for someone else, you need to convert the travel certificate first. To convert, you need to follow the given steps-

  • Open the United Airlines homepage and log in to your account.
  • Navigate the My Trips section, and you can get the details of all the itineraries with United Airlines until today.
  • Check the canceled trip to get the credit value your ticket is eligible to get.
  • Now, if you do not want to use the voucher right away, you can convert it into an e-certificate.

Check the Voucher’s Expiration Date:

  • You must check the voucher’s expiration date before using it for someone else.
  • Generally, United Airlines provides 24 months before the credit or voucher expires.
  • Also, you must look for the terms and conditions before redeeming the voucher as they can frequently change due to the pandemic.
  • So, you must check the updated policies before finding an answer to can I use my United voucher for someone else. Due to COVID effects, you might find the extended expiration date on the voucher or might find some additional restrictions.

Spend the Voucher

  • Once you convert the flight credit to a travel voucher, you can use the value not just to book a ticket for yourself but someone else too. 
  • If you do not want to dwell on the loss side, you need to spend the travel certificate as soon as possible.

So, note the above-discussed points in mind before making any changes and using the voucher for someone else. There are several methods to redeem the voucher and make it useful for someone else.

How can you use a voucher at United Airlines?

You can use the voucher to benefit your future trip with United Airlines, or you can also benefit from the trip of your friend or family. Check out the voucher redeem options at United Airlines-

  1. Book A Flight Ticket
  2. Purchase Services  
  3. Flight Reschedule 
  4. Seat Upgrade
  5. Purchase Membership

Now you know several effective methods to know how do I use a voucher on United. So, what are you waiting for? Book a United flight for yourself or someone close to you and lead a comfortable journey to your/their preferred destination.

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