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Looking for flight change and same day changes guidelines on United Airlines? Well, the airline is quite flexible with its travel rules that can help you to make your last-minute changes better. In this article you’ll be guided with the important guidelines from the flight change and same-day flight changes policy on United Airlines. 

How To Change Bookings In United Airlines

The following are the latest points from the United Airlines Flight Change Policy that you must know. 

  • As per the flight change policy on United Airlines, passengers can now make their last minute changes until June 30, 2020 and no flight change fee will be charged.
  • For cancellations, you can use the value of your original flight ticket to be applied to a new one without paying any fee. Besides, the flight tickets will be now valid for 24 months from the date of their purchase (on or after April 1, 2020). 
  • For eligible passengers, on both domestic flights and international tickets, they can make a refund request on United Airlines, if their flight tickets have been suspended due to any reason, especially COVID-19.

Now have a look at the United Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy guidelines here.

About United Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy 

  • For same-day changes, your booking must be made on United or United Express.
  • You can make your same-day flight change within 24 hours before your original scheduled flight time and can include any fare class. However, you’ll be payable for the difference in fares and same-day flight change fee.
  • Same-Day changes made after the 24 hours may include same-day flight change fee, plus any additional payments/refunds for the difference in your United fares.
  • No, fare charges will be applied until you are assigned a seat on your alternate United Airlines flight.
  • Same-Day changes are only available for the same origin and destination airports and route changes may be allowed depending on the United fare type.

United Airlines Same Day Flight Change Without Fee

The following steps will help you to make changes online as per the United Airlines Flight Change Policy without any hassle.

  • Navigate to the United Airlines official website and select "My Trips" then enter the flight information to retrieve bookings.
  • Now, choose "Change flight" and then the "Edit" option for making the following changes:
    • Date of travel/destination
    • Add or remove a flight
  • Next click on "Continue" and then select a new flight option and follow the onscreen instructions confirming your new flight on United.

For more information on  United Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy and other guidelines, contact customer services.

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