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Airline security lines are going longer and longer and passengers search for time-saving measures so before you take a vacation or decide to travel with united airlines, it is important to know the E-ticket printing process to save time. If a passenger has a boarding has it’s boarding pass ready it helps in eliminating time wastage and also gives passengers to select their seat plus it helps to save money and baggage fee.

Steps To Get E-Ticket From United Airlines 

  • Go to the browser and visit the website of United Airlines, 24 hours prior to the flight departure.
  • On the official page and main page choose the check-in tab.
  • Even if you have booked the ticket on your phone you would be provided with confirmation E-ticket number
  • Type your confirmation E-ticket number in the appropriate box
  • If you will type the last name this will also ensure a fast response from the united airline website.
  • Review and take print of your itinerary, the passenger may notice the “print” button on the united airline page, but it can be also printed from the drop-down menu on your internet browser.
  • Make sure that your ticket shows all the appropriate information that will include name, flight number and barcode. Note that without bar code your ticket will be invalid.
  • In case you have requested for certain upgrades or you are traveling with infants or made special service requests. then you might not be able to use the united airline E-ticket function.
  • Also, make sure that the Online check-in process closes in 45 minutes before a domestic flight and an hour in international flight, so print accordingly

United Airlines Customer Care

If still, you are finding any problem or unable to know about how to get an e-ticket from United Airlines then the passenger can contact the customer care service or drop an mail regarding the query.

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