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Everything You Should Know About Saudi Airlines Cancellation Policy, Fee, and Process

Changing a travel plan may affect plenty of things especially whenever you travel via air to your preferred destination and the only thing that you can do at that particular time is flight cancellation. You can make a request for the flight cancellation as most of the airlines provide this option and Saudi Airlines is one among those. Saudi Airlines allow its passengers to cancel their flight if their booking will be eligible for the cancellation. But before you cancel a flight, you should know about Saudi Airlines cancellation fee that you can only know by following the prescribed cancellation policy.

Saudi Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy  

  • You are permitted to cancel your Saudi Airlines flight within 24 hours of the scheduled departure.

  • You will not be charged any cancellation fee if the flight is booked 7 days or more prior to the scheduled departure and cancelled within 24 hours of booking.

  • If you cancel your Saudi Airlines flight after 24 hours of ticket purchase, then you will be charged a cancellation fee that starts from $100 further depending on the duration of cancellation.

  • If Saudi Airlines rescheduled your flight or there is any kind of delay in schedule, then you can make a flight cancellation request free of cost.

  • All kinds of cancellation requests can be made online through Manage Booking if the ticket is purchased directly from Saudi Airlines.

How To Cancel A Flight On Saudi Airlines?

Have you booked a Saudi Airlines flight recently or previously to one of your favorite routes? But you would like to cancel that flight due to any sort of sudden reason? Then you don’t need to worry as you can make a flight cancellation request online as per the Saudi Airlines cancellation policy after following the below steps in a very quick manner:

  • First of all, you can visit the official Saudi Airlines website from your preferred browser in a phone or computer.

  • You can now find the Manage Booking section on the main page and then click on it.

  • On the next page, you can enter the last name and booking number into the given field.

  • After that, you can click on Continue or Search tab to find your booking and then you can easily see the booking that you booked under the provided information.

  • Now you can select the booking wish to cancel and then click on the Cancel Booking tab.

  • Now you are required to pay the cancellation fee if there is any and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the flight cancellation process.

What is Saudi Airlines Cancellation Fee?

The cancellation charges depend on the cancellation time, route, destination, etc. If you make a cancellation request after 24 hours of the ticket booking, you need to pay the cancellation fee of around $ 100 to $ 500

If you cancel the flight ticket within 24 hours of the scheduled departure, you need to pay the cancellation fee of around $ 100 to $ 400.

Besides, the cancellation fee also depends on the reason; if you cancel a flight due to health issues or the death of passengers or co-passengers, you might get some leverage, or the airline might waive the cancellation fee.

You can speak to the Saudi Airlines reservation department and visit the official website to get additional information about the cancellation fees.

Can I cancel my Saudi flight and get a refund?

Yes, if you have a reservation with Saudi Airlines, you can cancel the flight and get a refund. Here is the procedure you can follow to cancel the flight and get a refund.

  • Get on the official site of Saudi Airlines and login into your account using credentials
  • Now click on the button 'Manage Saudi Airlines Reservation' and then the Manage reservation option
  • By doing this, you get redirected to the new page; there, click on the 'Saudi airlines cancel reservation' option
  • On the page, you need to provide certain details, then click continue
  • Review all the details and click the button 'cancel my reservation and then YES.'
  • After the flight is cancelled, you can land on the refund page
  • There you get various refund request links; choose the one that matches you
  • Now open the refund request form and fu in all the required booking-related details
  • Once done, hit the submit button, and then the airline will verify all the details and process the refund in 7-20 working days

Points to consider:- 

If you book the flight ticket through the Saudia sales office, call center, or via the website and want to get a refund, cancel the flight ticket via the sales office or Saudia website before or during the refund process to avoid any unwanted or no-show penalty fee.

If you pay for a ticket using a credit card, you must cancel and apply for a refund via the Saudia website. You must visit the Manage booking service on the website and retrieve the booking details using booking information. You can then click on the 'cancel and refund' button and follow the self-explanatory instructions on the screen.

Saudi Airlines Cancellation Toll-Free Number

If you call from a number not registered in PNR, you can connect with Saudia Guest care center through WhatsApp at 920022222. You can visit the call center link on the support page when calling from outside.

The eligible tickets are ones for which you pay via Cash, cheques, SADAD, SPAN, VISA, or MasterCard.

So by following the given information above, you can cancel the Saudi Airlines ticket and get a refund online anytime. However, you can also call Saudi Airlines cancellation toll-free number if you want to apply for a refund via phone or need any additional cancellation-related information.

Saudi Airlines Live Person

By following the above-given instructions, you may know about Saudi Airlines cancellation fee and policy to cancel your flight ticket in a very simple and effective manner. But in case you still require any kind of assistance regarding the cancellation fee or policy, then you can directly contact the customer service team at Saudi Airlines where you can obtain the required assistance on your queries.

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