How To Use Ryan Air Travel Voucher

How do I redeem a Ryanair Voucher

If you have traveled with Ryanair and you received a traveling voucher, then you can use it while making a flight reservation for your upcoming journey. There are many customers who are unaware of the process of redeeming their vouchers and search for the required information. If you are also searching "What are the rules for Ryanair vouchers?” and the process to use them, then you must use the information provided in the upcoming section. 

Ryanair thinks in favor of its travelers, and this is one of the biggest reasons behind showering travel vouchers and certificates to its travelers. You can benefit from these vouchers in booking a ticket from the airline or purchasing services offered by Ryanair.

Now you must be wondering how to use Ryan Air travel voucher, do not worry about it as this article covers it all. Here, you can find easy methods of using a Ryanair travel voucher and some guidelines associated with the voucher.

Process to redeem your Ryanair Vouchers:

If you wish to use your existing Ryanair voucher for flight booking and you are not aware of the process, Then you must use the below-mentioned online process to redeem it:

  • Visit the official Ryanair website.
  • Search your flight ticket by entering the point of origin and destination and press the search button.
  • Once you find your flight, you must either login into your existing Ryanair account or sign up to create a new account.
  • Now fill in all the passenger’s details and navigate to the payment page.
  • Now you must tap on the “apply refund voucher” option.
  • Apply your voucher-number, and if required, make the remaining-payment online to end the process. 

What are the rules for Ryanair vouchers

Customers are required to go through and obey the below-mentioned rules before using Ryanair vouchers:

  • If flight bookings are made using vouchers, then name changes or other modifications are prohibited.
  • Vouchers can only be used by the customer to which it has been issued by Ryanair.
  • They can only be used within a year of issuing by the customers.
  • If the flight fare is more than the existing value of your voucher, then you must pay the remaining amount online to the airline.
  • It is not necessary to use all the value points of your vouchers at one time. You can use them for multiple transactions.
  • If you have traveling vouchers, you can use them for flight-bookings, seat-selections, priority boardings, etc.; car-hire or hotel-bookings are not permitted using Ryanair travel vouchers.  

Methods To Redeem Travel Voucher At Ryanair

You can use the Ryanair voucher to purchase the following services-

Flight Purchase

  • Often, travelers prefer to use their hard-earned vouchers to book a flight for their preferred destination.
  • You need to visit the official Ryanair homepage and book a ticket by entering the required credentials.
  • Once you get to the Ryanair payment page, you can purchase the ticket by entering your eighteen-digit voucher number.

Pay the Extras

  • You can also use the voucher to purchase the extras, including bags, priority boarding, or seat upgrades.
  • You need to open the official homepage and log into your Ryanair account to purchase the services.
  • Manage your existing booking by adding services to it by paying through a voucher.

After you know how do Ryanair refund vouchers work, you need to understand the terms and conditions associated with it. So, keep reading the article to find more information about Ryanair travel vouchers.

Things You Need to Know About Ryanair Refund Vouchers

Check out the following points if you are the owner of Ryanair refund vouchers-

  • The refund voucher you get from Ryanair stays valid until 12 months from when it is issued.
  • You are allowed to redeem the vouchers only in the original currency form as it was issued; also, only the voucher recipient is allowed to redeem the voucher.
  • If you use the Ryanair voucher to book a ticket and it exceeds the reimbursement voucher limit, you might have to pay the difference to complete the transaction.
  • It is unnecessary to use all of the value as you can use the rest voucher value to benefit your future trips with Ryanair.
  • If you wonder how do I use a Ryanair refund voucher, you can use the reimbursement voucher to pay for the flight booking, seats, priority boarding, baby equipment, and travel insurance; you can also pay the additional associated charges using your refund voucher.
  • However, if you booked a ticket using the refund voucher, you cannot make name changes in those reservations.
  • Ryanair has all the rights to make necessary amendments in the existing terms and conditions of redeeming a voucher, and the airline can even withdraw these conditions under reasonable discretion.
  • You are allowed to redeem the voucher using the MyRyanair account as you used to make the original booking.

How do Ryanair refund vouchers work

Ryanair provides refund vouchers to customers if the flights have been canceled or delayed by the airlines without any prior information. Many customers are unaware of the usage of these vouchers and often search “How do Ryanair refund vouchers work?” Then customers can make flight-reservations or enjoy other services by using it, but it must be used within 12 months of issuing. 

How long does a Ryanair gift voucher last

Ryanair gift vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issuing. A gift-card balance can be used at once or for multiple transactions. If you are thinking, “How long does a Ryanair gift voucher last?” Then it can be redeemed by the customers until the expiry-date. For Ireland customers, the validity is for 5 years. The validity cannot be extended further once it reaches its expiry-date.

How Do I Use a Ryanair Refund Voucher

If you have received a Ryanair Refund voucher for the first time and are searching “How Do I Use a Ryanair Refund Voucher?” Then you can either withdraw your money, or you can use it for the following purpose:

  • For bookings. 
  • For carrying sports, music, or baby equipment without paying additional-charges
  • For seat-upgradation and priority check-in. 

You should not stall any longer after you know how long is a Ryanair voucher valid for as time does not wait for anyone! However, if you face trouble redeeming your voucher or understanding the conditions, you can get assistance from the airline’s travel consolidators.

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