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Indeed, it is feasible to use the vouchers for someone else, yet KLM needs unequivocal consent from the vouchers proprietor that is concurred. It is likewise conceivable to use your miles to purchase a ticket for another traveler.

How To Use KLM Travel Voucher

A voucher may not be redeemed at travel services, different airlines, or other travel sites. Transportation credit vouchers can be moved to one more traveler as long as the individual whose name shows up on the voucher is going in a similar reservation. Transportation credit vouchers can be moved to another traveler. To utilize the flight voucher the customer should provide the details of the passenger with the 13 digit voucher number and the full name as given on the flight voucher. 

Unveiling this information to any individual will comprise approval for that individual to use the voucher. The proprietor is exclusively liable for shielding this information from exposure and KLM accepts no accountability for unapproved utilization of the voucher by any individual who presents this information at the hour of redemption. 

Having a query Can I use the KLM voucher for someone else? Transportation credit vouchers given on/later Dec 15, 2011, can be moved to one more traveler as long as the individual whose name shows up on the voucher is going in a similar reservation. If it's not too much trouble, change the total agreements which might shift per voucher.

If you are thinking How to use KLM Travel Voucher? You can involve your travel voucher as a payment technique to buy another ticket or additional choice sometime in the not too distant future, without paying a booking expense. Essentially enter your voucher number during payment. Your voucher number comprises 13 numbers and starts with 074. And then, you can easily use them while making a new reservation. 

How To Redeem KLM Voucher

If you are figuring How to redeem KLM Voucher? The customer can follow the underneath steps: 

 To redeem KLM vouchers for the flight on the web: 

  • You can choose the flight and start the redemption process. 1 (800) 618-0104

  • Under the payment choice, you can pick your KLM vouchers and travel assets.

  • Then you have to provide the necessary details or canceled flight number, then further, you can undoubtedly redeem your KLM vouchers.

The traveler can likewise call the KLM airlines or visit a ticket counter to recover their unused KLM airline voucher.

If you still have a query regarding  Can I use KLM voucher for someone else? You can call the KLM customer service team  1 (800) 618-0104, they can likewise assist you by providing the correct information.  

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