Can You Change Your Name On American Airlines Ticket

American Airlines is known for its flexible services, and one such service is the name change policy. So do not stress if you mistakenly misspelled your name while booking the ticket. The airline allows you to change names within the standard period for free. But, to bring the necessary modifications, you must abide by the name change law presented by the airline.

What Is American Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Are you also one of the travelers who made a typo and now wondering can you change your name on an American Airlines ticket? If that is the case, the airline has your back. The upcoming sections can teach you about the name change policy and things to know before proceeding with the formalities. Keep rolling to find more information!

General Name Change Policy: American Airlines 

Let’s not complicate the name change policy and break it down into pointers to make it more understandable:

  • The airline allows you to change your name, and it doesn’t depend on your chosen route, fare type, cabin class, and type of trip. 
  • Also, if you bought a flight ticket operated directly by American Airlines or its codeshare partners, you can make changes as per the general name change policy. 
  • The American Airlines name change policy states that you need to wait for at least two hours for the change to be successful; meanwhile, the airline verifies the credential and reasons for why you are bringing the change in the first place.
  • If you booked your ticket from a third-party consolidator, you need to contact them for any said changes as the airline does not take responsibility for such reservations.
  • Once you correct the passenger’s name for a confirmed reservation, the airline allots you a new PNR for the same itinerary with the changed name.
  • However, American Airlines clarifies that name change must not be confused with name swap. You can not transfer your ticket to someone else on account of the name change.
  • You can either add or remove your maiden name only if the newly inserted name matches exactly with the name on your government-issued ID and passport.
  • You can even add and remove suffix or prefix from your name as it comes within the minor name change policy.

Why is it crucial to stick to the terms and conditions? Because doing that, you can skip paying extra charges. Still, if you don't comply with the general name change standards, American Airlines imposes a penalty.

How much does American Airlines charge for a name change?

Many airlines charge a hefty amount of money to bring name changes. But, that is not the case; you need not worry if you book an American Airlines ticket. The airline allows you one no-cost name change. However, you might have to pay a processing fee worth $25 if you wish to make major name changes. 

Also, the airline demands $200 to process the name change if you hold a domestic flight ticket, and $700 is the payable amount if you have an international reservation.

Does American Airlines allow name changes?

Yes, American Airlines allows name changes, but you can make major changes only if:

  • You are recently married or have a divorce agreement. In both scenarios, you need to submit important and relevant documents.
  • You are making the changes due to government orders.

The mentioned points stay effective only if you have a general reservation. But name change policy may differ if you have a corporate booking. Need details? The next section can guide you conveniently.

American Airlines Corporate Name Change Policy

American Airlines allows its travelers with a free name change within the Business Extra program. Companies that have an active Business Extra account are leveraged with one free name change provided that the reservation is supported with a valid corporate ID. But, if you don’t have the ID, you can provide your Business Extra number to process the change from your tour code box.

American Airlines Name Correction Policy

American Airlines allows you to change the name on your reservation to up to three letters. The airline makes it feasible for travelers to bring minor corrections in their first and last name. But, if you wish to make any name changes, the corrected name must match with the name printed on your passport or any government-issued photo ID. 

So, the answer is yes if you wonder can I correct my name on American Airlines ticket. Though the airline imposes some penalty to bring changes in the name without any hassle, the charge can vary up to $125, depending on the fare conditions applied while you booked the ticket. To get acquainted with the name change policy of the airline, keep reading the upcoming sections.

Can I change a name if I have an international American Airlines reservation?

Yes, you can modify your name no matter the travel route, fare type, service class, and trip type. If you have a flight booking operated by American Airlines and its codeshare partners, you can make name corrections within the normal name change policy.

When can I make major name changes in my American Airlines reservation?

The American airlines name change policy states that you can request a major name change only in the following circumstances:

Change in your name due to a divorce agreement.

If you are recently married and changed your last name. However, you need to submit your marriage certificate to support your request.

Due to a government order that states that you can change your old name and convert it into a new name.

How long does it take American Airlines to change names?

The time it takes for the airline to respond to the said changes depends on when you submit the request. Generally, it doesn't take more than two hours to alter your names as requested. The airline sends you the name change confirmation invoice within the standard time so that you can check-in for your flight without any delay. 

Some General American Airlines Name Correction Policy

Read the highlights of name correction policy as put forth by the airline to benefit travelers who misspelled their name while booking a ticket:

  • You can correct a passenger’s name on a confirmed reservation, and the airline assigns a new PNR on the same itinerary after the change is processed.
  • You can add or remove your maiden name provided that the new name resembles perfectly the name as mentioned on a government-issued ID and passport. 
  • Want to add or remove a suffix or prefix in your name? You can do as within the minor name correction policy of American Airlines. However, you need to bring changes to the existing PNR only.

Hopefully, now you have an efficient answer to can you change your name on American Airlines ticket? So do not stall the name change procedure any further and request the change as soon as possible. Are you facing difficulty with the change? Approach the American Airlines customer support team to make the process easier. The agents can perform the formalities on your behalf, and you can obtain a new itinerary with an altered name in real-time!

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