How Does American Airlines Voucher Work

American Airlines provides travel vouchers to its travelers to benefit from their future travel. The airline issues the travel vouchers mainly in two forms- Electronic Voucher, which is released for US residents only, and Paper Vouchers. You are not allowed to use an AA voucher in purchasing extras like seats or bags, and you can use it to book a reservation only. Sometimes, travelers have to cancel their flights at the last minute due to changes in their plans. The unflown value of the ticket or unused service can be used to book the flight later.

In other words, Travel Voucher is a coupon or credit offered by the airline that can be used to buy services from the airline in the future.  

This article can enlighten you efficiently if you need to know how does American Airlines voucher work. Also, here you can find other information about American Airlines vouchers and how you can redeem them to book a ticket.

How To Use American Airlines Travel Voucher

Take a look at some of the basic information about travel vouchers that American Airlines bestows upon you-

  • Validity: You can use the Travel Voucher within one year of its issuance.
  • Where To Use: You can use it to book a flight reservation.
  • Who Can Use: Only the voucher holder is allowed to use it.
  • Limitations: A traveler is allowed to redeem up to 8 vouchers per trip and not any more than that.
  • Where To Redeem it: You can use the travel voucher by visiting the American Airlines website or calling the American Airlines Reservations Center.

Voucher Redeem Methods at American Airlines

If you have earned a travel voucher and are wondering how to redeem American Airlines voucher, you have come across the right section. Follow the given steps, and you can use your travel voucher-

1. For E-Vouchers

  • Open the official American Airlines voucher and fill in the flight booking form.
  • As you proceed to the payment section, you need to select the Other Forms of Payment option.
  • Insert the details of your voucher like the Travel Voucher Number followed by PIN as allotted to you.

2. For Paper Vouchers

If you have a paper voucher and not the e-voucher, you need to contact Reservations. An expert from American Airlines can efficiently help you book a ticket using your paper voucher.

Need to check the voucher balance? Here is a simple procedure to follow!

Once you are eligible for the voucher and need to know how to check American Airlines voucher balance, you can see its details, including the balance you are entitled to, voucher PIN, and expiration date in your email. Do not worry if you cannot find the email to get the voucher balance; you can follow the given steps to check the voucher value at American Airlines-

  • Visit the official American Airlines website for Travel Credits and Vouchers to get the “check your voucher balance” link; click on it.
  • On the next page, enter the eVoucher number and PIN in the blank fields; click on GO.
  • Now, you can retrieve the information about your eVoucher, including the balance.

How do I book a Flight with American Airline Voucher?

There are various modes which is mentioned below and you will easily get answer of How do I book a flight with American airline voucher. If you want to book your flight online, try the website or mobile. Check the steps that can be followed to use voucher:

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines.
  • Enter the details like to and from destination, dates, and ticket type.
  • And click on Search.
  • Once you have searched for the flight, click on the payment option.
  • Now, choose the voucher credit option to redeem it.
  • After making the payment, click on “book flight.”

After payment is made, passengers can check the confirmation mail. Check the steps if you want to use the mobile steps:

  • Select Find flight from the Menu section.
  • Enter the details to book your desired flight.
  • Now, book the flight.
  • While making payment redeem the voucher.

Customer support: Flyers can take help from customer executives of the airline. Dial the official number 800-433-7300 and share the code of the voucher. They will use the same code to book your flight.

Follow the instructions to book your flight:

  • Press 1 to select the language.
  • Press 2 to make reservations.
  • Press 3 to cancel the flight.
  • Press 4 to make changes to your ticket.
  • Press 5 to resolve issues with the terms and conditions of the airline.
  • Press * to talk with the customer agents.

This helpline is available 24 hours.

At the airport: Voucher can be credited to the helpdesk available. Share your voucher code with the live representative.

Can I get a voucher if I cancel my flight American Airlines?

Yes, passengers can get a voucher after cancelation their American airlines flight. Non-refundable tickets can be canceled without any fee. However, passengers don’t get any amount in their bank, only travel credit is transferred to their account. And that has to be used within one year.

Are American Airline Vouchers Transferable?

No, American Airlines Vouchers are non-transferable and can be redeemed only in the name of the passengers to whom they are issued by the airline. Thus, when making a new reservation, details should be matched with the voucher.

In case your validity is about to expire, you can contact the customer agents they might extend the validity of the voucher if possible. Visit the website for more details.

How do Travel Vouchers work American? 

Travel Vouchers are allowed for 1 year from the date of travel vouchers are issued. You have all the essential information like how to use American Airlines voucher and some general terms and conditions related to it. Moreover, if you feel stuck and need assistance with redeeming the voucher, you can contact the American Airlines customer service team to get a prompt solution.

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