How do I call at Oman Air Customer Service

When the reservations have been made and next, you need to collect all the details about the flight boarding procedure, from the check-in, required documents, and most importantly, the baggage allowance. If all this is clear in your head, then planning and going through the journey will become extremely convenient; however, to collect all this knowledge, you should know How can I contact Oman Air customer service so the representatives can help and provide all the information that can make the journey comfortable and convenient. 

The passengers plan a trip and look for the airlines that make their travel more convenient. Oman Air Airlines is one of the top airlines that provide good services to its passengers. While booking the flight ticket, the passenger may have queries and want a solution. Oman Air Airlines provides various modes to contact the customer service representative. 

How to contact Oman Air customer care

You can use social media platforms to contact Oman Air customer service. You need an account to get in touch with the representative; it is the quickest mode. You can tag Oman Air Airlines. For your convenience, there are multiple platforms through which you can reach out to the representative. The different social media platforms are as per listed below:

  • Twitter: Air Airlines.
  • Facebook: Air Airlines.
  • LinkedIn: Air Airlines.
  • Instagram: Air Airlines. 

How Do I Speak to A Person At Oman Airlines

Oman Air provides world-class services to passengers according to their needs and requirements. You can proceed to their website to find the appropriate services regarding flight travel. If you have concerns about the online reservation, you can communicate with the customer service team and get assistance. If you want to know how I speak to a person at Oman Airlines, you can choose from the multiple ways given below. 

By the phone:

Travelers can get through with the customer service team on the phone to discuss the issues. You need to dial the Oman Air contact number at 24531111 and listen to the automated voiceover. With this, your phone will be transferred to the customer representative immediately, with whom you can discuss the issues. 

By the live chat:

You can choose the fastest way to connect with the representative on the chats. You will see the live chat option on the right when you proceed to their contact section. You need to open the chat box and send the queries to customer service. They will give you an instant revert. 

By email:

Passengers can send queries to customer service by email and take advice. You are required to write in detail about all the questions and attach the necessary proof of the issues. With this, you can send them to the Oman Air customer service email ID at

How can I complain to Oman Air

While flying with Oman Air, the passenger may deal with issues such as they did not like the behavior of the staff members or they did not get satisfactory help regarding their issues. You can file a complaint at Oman Air Airlines by using the online process. You need to submit the form by following the instructions as per mentioned below:

  • Go to the webpage of Oman Air Airlines.
  • Select the Contact Us option.
  • On the next page, tap on the option Feedback.
  • Scroll down, and you will get the Complaint form.
  • Enter all the details and attach the traveling documents. 
  • Press the submit option.
  • Oman Air Airlines will send you the confirmation message regarding the registration of the complaint on your email or mobile phone.

How can I call the help center of Oman Air?

The online way that can provide you with the most instant help is by connecting with the executives on the phone. You have to pay the local call charges as the calling is not free. Any problems or issues can easily be shared with the representatives without any concern. The process that can help you connect with the customer representatives on the phone has been mentioned below: 

  • First, you should dial 201 205 2115, the phone number to connect with Oman customer service.
  • Then, an auto-generated voice will be heard that will enlighten you about the further calling process.
  • Next, an IVR will be introduced that needs to be followed carefully to grab your query.
  • Press the key that is closely connected to your issue, and the call will be diverted to the concerned department.
  • The representatives will talk to you and provide all the required help and solutions. 

How do I complain about Oman Air?

Whenever you want to make complaints about the inconveniences, lost items/bags, or any other crime/harassment you witnessed during the journey, then the Airline can be contacted via email. Apart from the complaints, you can make suggestions, compliments, and queries and send them to The Airline is not quickly responding to emails and can take two to three business days to resolve your worries and provide suitable solutions for them. The Airline will try its best to make the journey comfortable for you. 

How do I contact Oman Air Muscat

If you want to travel to Muscat and face the errors, you can get in touch with the representative. Therefore, you can follow the given points to start the process.

  • You must call on the Oman Air toll-free number in Muscat at +968-24531111.
  • With this, you need to follow the IVR commands carefully.
  • Choose 1 for the language. 
  • Choose 2 for the new reservation. 
  • Choose 3 to acquire the miles.
  • Choose 4 for the existing booking. 
  • Choose 5 to get the refund. 
  • Choose 6 to talk to the representative. 

Your phone will be conveyed to the customer representative immediately. Thus, you can discuss all the travel queries with them to solve how do I contact Oman Air Muscat to book the flight journey. They are available 24/7 to help you.

How to contact Oman Air live chat agents?

Another mode that will provide quick responses is live chat support with 24/7 availability:

  • Visit the official website of Oman Air.
  • Click on the message sign given at the bottom right corner.
  • Select the query, and the live agents will be there to resolve the problems.

What is the Oman Airline helpline number

You can get in touch with the representative by dialing oman air customer service number + 968-2453 1111. The call will be transferred to the computer’s automated voice, and it will provide the IVR options. Choose from the given option depending on your queries. After making the selection, the call will be connected to the representative. To get your call connected you need to follow the steps as per given below:

  • Press 1 to choose the language.
  • Press 2 for the flight reservation.
  • Press 3 to get the refund.
  • Press 4 for accessibility assistance.
  • Press 5 to check the flight departure and terminal.
  • Press 6 for drinks and beverages.
  • Press 7 to cancel the flight.
  • Press 8 to speak to the customer service representative.

What is not allowed in Oman Air?

When you are traveling with Oman Air, following the instructions of baggage policy accurately is mandatory. The maximum weight of a bag that can be carried on Oman Air flight is 32 kg, and the carry on luggage should not cross the weight limit of 7 kg. There are some items that are not allowed on the flight, and we have listed all these items below: 

  • Syringes, scissors, knives, blades, cutters, needles, lighters, etc., cannot be brought to the flight until you have a medical condition.
  • Some dangerous items, such as toy guns, shotguns, tasers, pistols, stun batons, etc., are not allowed to be brought to the flight.
  • There are some gases and liquids that cannot be carried because they are dangerous to health. 

Also Check Baggage Allowance Policy of Oman Air

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