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Oman Air is known to be the national airline of the Sultanate of Oman that provides passengers with domestic, international, and charter flights. The airline is based at Muscat International Airport in Seeb. The airline has some rules and policies for the passengers to provide them with the best help. From the complete information given Here, you are going to find out about the Oman Air extra baggage cost and the weight, length, and extra baggage cost that is required to be paid to carry the excess baggage with you at the time of your flight with Oman Air. 

How Do I check my Baggage Allowance with Oman Air?

The passengers can find out about the Baggage allowance and all other necessary things, the weight, size, and the number of bags allowed in economy, business, and first class. The airline provides a complete list of information on its official website to ease the process for people traveling with Oman Air. There are a few steps that are prescribed on the official website of the airline related to the baggage policy. 

  • The passengers traveling in economy class of Oman Air are allowed to carry only one handbag for free. Other than that, they are required to pay to take a carry-on bag on their flight with them. 
  • The passengers traveling in economy lite, economy smart, and economy prime are allowed to carry one handbag and one carry bag with them without paying any additional charges. 
  • The passengers traveling in business class and first class are allowed to carry two handbags and one carry bag for free without paying any baggage charges. 

Does Oman Air weigh hand luggage?

Yes, the passengers traveling with Oman Air have to make sure that their handbag is within the weight of 7kgs per bag. The weight of the handbag is required to be the same irrespective of the flight class (economy, business, or first class). The passengers traveling in a business or first class are allowed to take 2 pieces of handbag weight 7 kg each.

How many kilos of baggage is allowed in Oman Air?

The passenger's baggage weight depends upon the flight class in which they are traveling. If the passengers are traveling under Sindbad membership of Oman Air, then the allowed baggage weight will be more than the standard weight allowance. 

  • If the passengers are traveling under economy class, then they are allowed to carry the handbag weight 7 kg and no carry bags for free. 
  • The passenger can take a carry-on bag weight 30 kg and one handbag weight 7 kg without any charges if they are traveling in economy lite, economy smart, or economy prime.
  • If the passengers are traveling under business class, they can carry the carry-in baggage weighted 50 kg. And if the passengers are traveling under the membership program, then the allowed weight will be 60-70 kg as per the silver or gold membership. 
  • If the passengers are traveling under first class, then also they are allowed to take carry-on baggage weighted 50 kg and 60/70 kg under the premium membership of the airline.
  • The carry-on bags are required to be 158 cm in dimension, whereas the handbags are needed to be 115cm.

What is 2pc Baggage Allowance in Oman Air?

The passengers traveling with Oman Air are allowed to carry two pieces of baggage while traveling in business or first class, which will be two handbags weighing 7kg with a dimension of 115cm and one carry bag weighing 50 kg with a dimension of 158 cm. 

Other than that, if the passengers are traveling under the membership program of Oman Air, in that case, they the number of baggage and dimensions will be the same. Still, the passengers can carry 60 kg of weight under silver membership and 70 kg under gold membership. Other than that, the passengers can add baggage by paying the additional baggage charges of $40, which is changeable as per the baggage weight and size. 

Do I get compensation if my Baggage is delayed?

Yes, the passengers can get compensation for the baggage delay under Delayed Baggage Protection apart from the lost or damaged baggage compensation. If the passengers didn't get their baggage delivered to them within 96 hours counted from the time their flight last are allowed to claim the compensation of OMR 400 for each bag that has been missing. And for more information, get onto the contact page of the airline and connect with the agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

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