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Cheap Flights To Harare

Harare –till the year 1982 it was known by the name of Salisbury, which is the capital and most popular city of Zimbabwe, it is a metropolitan city as it is the centre for the financial, commercial and also for the communication above all the trade for tobacco, maize, cotton and citrus fruits flourish here. Harare is the home for the test cricket ground.

Best time to fly to Harare

Although the individual can visit the city any time during the year however the app time still is during May to October when you can experience wildlife during the period of September until October, tourist can experience elephant herd, spectacular view of Victoria falls can be experienced. In order to avail cheap flights to Harare one has to plan well in advance.

Off Season – From November to March it is considered as the Wet season because of rain , Safari experience cannot be at the best as well as the view of the Zambezi river can also hindered because of the clouds .

Nearby Airports

Close Airports are listed below which and the knowledge of the same can act as aid for booking the cheap flights to Harare

  • Gweru Airport
  • Masvingo Airport
  • Bumi Hills Airport
  • Kariba Airport
  • Chipinge Airport

Climate – Harare has humid subtropical mild summer which is indeed mild and t has dry winters, the city also experiences mild rainy summer. The city has three seasons’ warm wet season from November to March, dry season from May to August and hot dry season from May to August.

Tourist Attractions – the reason why folks want to visit Harare is as following

  • Wild is Life Trust and Zen
  • Kuimba Shiri Bird Sanctuary
  • Mukuvisi Woodlands
  • Lion and Cheetah Park
  • Thetford Game Reserve
  • Lake Chivero Recreational Park
  • The Shona Sculpture Gallery
  • Rain tree Venue
  • National Botanical Gardens

How to book last minute flights to Harare ?

Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe. It is often known for its most popular art and craft work and its great wildlife resource. With a moderate climate throughout the year, it is a nice place for tourists to explore the city of Harare.

Climate in Harare

Harare has a subtropical highland climate with an annual average temperature of about 18 degrees. Harare International Festival of the Arts takes place in April or early May and is a weekly festival with theater, dance, art, music and poetry. This season attracts most of the tourists. If you are planning to visit Harare this season, then book your Last minute flights to Harare and avail special deals and discounts on your air tickets.

Last minute flight deals

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  • You can plan a visit to parks, gardens, galleries and museums in Harare. Take a visit to Harare Safari Lodge at Lake Chivero. Harare Safari Lodge serves as a protector of African nature and offers stunning lake views and an opportunity to experience African sights, great food and personal service.


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