Can I Bring A Booster Seat On Frontier

Frontier Airlines commits to offering a convenient flight booking service with a comfortable seat selection perfectly. It gives you splendid permission to travel with your child and get a special seat for him during check-in time. When you wish to plan your travel with your little one smarty, know the booster and car seat to  understand rules and regulations while choosing the best seat during and after the reservation. Get check in your child’s car seat of charge on this major airline you have chosen to travel. An adult traveling with an infant in their lap may have to carry a second-person item, like a diaper bag, that is free to bring to the required destination.

Does Frontier Airlines Allow You To Bring A Booster Seat

You are allowed to bring a booster seat to support your infants and toddlers on your way to your preferred destination. But, at Frontier Airlines, if you wish to bring a booster seat, you must take approval from the FAA for your seat. You are not allowed to use booster seats on Frontier at the time of take-off and landing; make sure that you keep your baby in your lap.

There are many such Frontier Airlines booster seat rules that you must know before traveling with a kid in the air. Do not worry, as this article has covered all the essential information for parents who want to carry a booster seat with them.

General Guidelines Regarding Carrying A Booster Seat

Check some of the general rules and regulations imposed by Frontier Airlines if you wish to carry a booster seat onboard-

  • If traveling on Frontier with an infant or a toddler, you are entitled to free check-in for a booster seat and a stroller; you can also bring a diaper bag without paying any extra charges.
  • To bring a booster seat, you must submit a certificate that states your child's age to be at least seven days; a traveler above the age group of 15 years is allowed to accompany up to two infants only.
  • If a baby is two years old or above, you must book a seat for them and must not carry them in your lap.
  • If you wish to carry an approved booster seat for your toddler or infant, you must purchase a set from Frontier Airlines.
  • If you are carrying two infants, make sure that you purchase a ticket for at least one infant, as only one infant can sit on a lap per paid passenger.

So, now you have the answer to can I bring a booster seat on Frontier, you can proceed further and shop for a booster seat ticket for your infants and toddlers. Keep reading further, and you can find additional information about carrying a booster seat on Frontier Airlines.

Can I bring Stroller Onboard?

Yes, you can bring stroller during boarding the flight and its has only 15 kg limit with the luggage when you are at the check-in gate. Use other option of either check-in the stroller with your luggage, or you can carry it till the plane for which you will get help at the check-in gate during boarding time. Hence, bring a stroller once when you take it to the gate and you are required to check it from there suitably. Go through the important points while bringing stroller on Frontier Airlines 2023.

Does Frontier Airlines Charge for Booster Seat?

No, it offers the booster seat for your child during a check in time at zero cost. So when you are accompanied by your little one and want to purchase for him a comfortable seat, you can find it at the check-in gate and avoid delay and damage securely. However, you must know the necessary truth you face during a domestic and international journey. You might pay the charge for a booster seat Frontier Airlines Booster Seat Policy and ensure you will find specific facts to bring your booster seat to your required destination with your child at the right time. 

  • When you wish to accompany by an infant or a toddler up to 2 years, you can bring a booster seat without paying checked baggage charges.
  • Wrap up the booster seat using automated or manual wrapping service, which avoids damage or broken situation.
  • Frontier authorizes you to carry on allowance, and you may bring a booster seat or another infant seat on the plane as an additional free item.
  • Find exceptional help to travel to your required destination with the best seat to upgrade to a booster seat or take a stroller for your baby.
  • A stroller with a collapsed diameter not exceeding more than 25.5 cm and a length not be exceeded more than 92 cm.
  • Carry an allowance for the required destination and check the type of fare you can find from a travel agent at Frontier Airlines.
  • Checked at the gate to be delivered to you at the aircraft door at the end of your flight and find a relevant notification for the booster seat regularly.  

Thus, bring a car booster seat to protect your child throughout your journey. Likewise, if you are flying with a car seat on Frontier Airlines, you must have an approved seat with air travel-approved FAA labels. If you want more updates about the booster and car seat on Frontier Airlines, contact a travel agent who can assist you at any time.

Discount Availability and Regulations for Infants and Toddlers at Frontier Airlines

  • If you are accompanied by an infant or a toddler up to 2 years of age, you can bring a booster seat without paying any checked baggage charges; but you must purchase a ticket if you use the seat for them.
  • At Frontier Airlines, you might be able to make your infant’s travel free, but some standard charges like government tax might apply if you are booking an international flight.


  • As per the Frontier Airlines booster seat policy, when two lap infants accompany you, you must purchase a separate seat for at least one of them.
  • If you want to carry your infant in a booster seat, you need to ensure that the booster seat you are carrying is restraint-approved.
  • The number of lap infants accepted at Frontier Airlines depends on the aircraft type you have chosen and the equipment availability.
  • You are allowed to carry a diaper bag, booster seat, child restraint devices, and strollers for free as your checked baggage.


  • If a child accompanies you, make sure to bring items to keep your little ones busy. 
  • The airline provides Courtesy Boarding for families traveling abroad with kids under the age group of three.

The Frontier Airlines booster seat allowance gives a safe and secure flight experience to your little ones. So, do not worry if you want to accompany your kids with you on your next trip, as Frontier Airlines' flexible seat policy can help you out. If you find a problem understanding the booster seat rules and regulations, you can try contacting the official Frontier Airlines travel consolidators.

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