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Frontier Airlines is a low-cost airline of America. It serves 112 destinations and has fleet size of 92. It is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Frontier airline allows passengers to cancel their reservation in case they have changed their plans or because of unforeseen circumstances.  If you plan to cancel your booked tickets then you should first know the Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy.

Process Of Frontier Cancellation Policy mentions the following:

1.    If passengers cancel their booking within 24 hours of ticket purchase and the flight’s departure is after 7 days or more then passengers can receive a full refund. Also they won’t have to pay any additional charges for cancellation. 

2.    If passengers cancel their booking after 24 hours of ticket purchase and the flight’s departure is in less than 7 days then passengers will have to pay a cancellation fee. Also their ticket will be kept as credit.

3.    Passengers can cancel their tickets both online through Frontier website and offline by calling the reservation center or customer care. 

4.    The steps to cancel ticket are:

  • Go to Frontier airlines website.
  • Select ‘My trip’ option.
  • Enter last name and confirmation code.
  • The booking details will appear.
  • Select the flight to be cancelled.
  • Click the cancel option provided.
  • Confirm the cancellation.
  • Pay the cancellation charge if applicable.
  • Tickets will be cancelled. 

5.    If passengers have purchased Works bundle then they can cancel any kind of ticket any time and get a full refund without paying cancellation charge. 

6.    Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy also allows passengers to request a refund if applicable by submitting a refund form online on the website. Passengers will receive refund in the same payment form used to buy tickets. 

7.    If Frontier Airlines cancels a flight because of certain reasons then according to their cancellation policy they will offer passengers an alternative flight or a refund of their ticket fare and other unused services if they do not travel. 

8.    If there is a situation of emergency like serious illness of passenger or Jury duty, or lost/stolen travel documents, or death of the passenger or immediate family member like spouse, parents, children, uncle, aunt etc. then passenger can get a refund. However documents for the same need to be submitted.

Frontier Airlines Customer Service

You can also contact the Frontier Airlines customer service center if face any issue while cancelling the ticket or if you want to know more about Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy. You can also contact them if you have any doubts and get the solutions.

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