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This Summer Travel Worry-Free With Your Pets on United Airlines

United Airlines is willing to lift the restrictions on pet transportation starting this summer. The airline allows you to travel with your furry friends in your cabin, or you can transport them as cargo. It will help if you stick up with the airline's pet policy so that your paw-friends don’t face any troubles.

About United Airlines Pet Allowance In Flight

This article is to help you get acquainted with the terms and conditions of traveling with pets and what are things to keep in your consideration. Check out to get awareness regarding traveling with your pets!

United Airlines allows small, domesticated cats and dogs to travel with an adult. You can keep them in front of your seat provided that you book a flight within the US boundaries except for Hawaii. There are several other things that you don’t know about traveling with United Airlines, but this article can guide you efficiently and enlighten you with facts so that you lead an untroubled flight with your four-legged kids:

  • The airline requires you to fulfill the form requirements before you reach the airport like you need to submit the health certificates, including rabies certificates and vaccination certificates.
  • Keep an updated copy of documents that your pet has recently, at least 30 days before the flight’s departure, vaccinated after the expiration of the previous vaccination.
  • You cannot transport a pet at United Airlines less than four months old. It is also necessary that your pet fits comfortably under the seat; the airline allows one pet per carrier.
  • Once you ensure that your pet meets the pre-decided requirements, you need to get authorized approval from airline pet carriers.
  • The carriers you bring must be rigid and flexible enough to give a spacious environment to your pet. Also, it would be a plus point if your carrier has a waterproof bottom and sufficient ventilation.
  • The size requirement for the hard-sided kennel is 17.5 inches long x 12 inches wide x 7.5 inches high. On the other hand, the dimension for soft-sided kennels must be 18 inches long x 11 inches width x 11 inches high.
  • Also, there are some considerations that you need to consider before making a reservation. You must inform United that you are traveling with pet/s so that they can help you with the formalities.
  • United Airlines allows a limited number of pets in the cabin, so it is advised that you reserve seats as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to fly a dog on United?

United Airlines lets you get on board with your dog by leveraging you with several perks like the baggage allowance. You can carry your in-cabin pet dedicated kennel with your carry-on by paying a $125 service charge applicable each way. 

Does United have a pet weight limit?

No, United Airlines does not impose weight restrictions. However, the charges to transport your pet depend majorly upon your pet’s weight combined with the kennel’s weight.

Is United Airlines pet friendly?

Yes, United Airlines is considered one of the pet-friendly airlines providing its beguiling services to make transport easier for you and your four-legged children. The airline even allows you to travel with your pet in the same cabin, provided their kennel can find under the seat in front of you. Also, the airline takes good care of your pets even if you choose to transport them as cargo.

Will United start flying pets again?

Recently, United Airlines made an exclusive announcement that you can again transport your dogs and cats in the air with services starting this summer. The airline suspended pet transportation due to the unfortunate demise of a pet onboard, but with everything being in control, the airline is ready to be back with its pet-friendly services!

Is United allowing pets in cabin?

Yes, you can travel with your pets in the same cabin, but you need to keep several considerations in mind. You must bring a health certificate for your pets, and they must be at least four or more months old to travel in the air. You need to inform the airline that you’ll be traveling with a pet before making a reservation so that you can find the availability easily.

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