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Nothing is certain and one can face changes at any instant. And if you're seeing some changes to your planned trip and want to change your Vietjet Air flight booking, you can do the task by going to its website. 

Get Complete Details About Vietjet Air Flight Change

Moreover, if you're wondering about its Vietjet flight change policy, you should go through the mentioned information. 

Know Some Important Points on Vietjet Air Flight Change Policy

  • If you have made reservations on VietJet Air and want to change it due to any reason, you can do that by going to its website. Only flight tickets booked from the website and app can be changed online. To change a flight booking purchased through a travel agent, you need to contact the agency. 
  • Moreover, you can change your flight ticket online without any charges when it is changed under 24 hours of its booking. After 24 hours, you will be required to pay the Vietjet flight change fee. 
  • The flight change fee may differ for every flight. It depends on many factors like distance, destination, fare type. 
  • Also, when you change a flight and the new flight fare is more than the original one, you are required to pay the flight fare difference and the flight change fees. 
  • In addition, if the fare of a new flight is less than the original one, you will get the remaining amount of fare through travel points after the deduction of taxes and charges. 

Vietjet Air customer service

After reading these points, you must be sure when you should change your flight tickets on Vietjet Air to avoid paying additional flight change fees. Also, if you want to know more about the Vietjet flight change policy, you can know by contacting the Vietjet Air customer service team. The team will provide you all the required detail about the flight change policy and also, will help you with the flight change procedure. 

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