What Is TAP Portugal Baggage Policy & Fees

TAP Air is the flag carrier of Portugal and is known to provide everything you might need onboard. With its flexible baggage policy and fee, TAP Air allows you to travel with anything you need. This article will help you find out what checked baggage you can carry and the standard dimension set by the airline. 

TAP Portugal carry-on Baggage Allowance

With TAP Air Portugal baggage policy in effect, a traveler can carry a certain number of checked baggage onboard. But the item you are allowed to carry for free depends on the type of fare you selected and the destination you are covering. Take reference from the following mentioned pointers to understand the baggage policy even better:

  • If you have booked a Miles&Cash ticket or MilesOnly ticket, you are privileged to take only a single checked bag with you.
  • Also, the dimension of that checked bag must satisfy the given standard dimension of 23 kg/ 50lb in TAP|Plus, two bags up to 32kg/70 lbs in TAP|Top Executive.
  • If your ticket is issued before the end of July 2021, you can retain three pieces of free checked baggage.
  • For Economy Class fares, 50 lbs is the maximum weight assigned for checked bags if you do not want to pay extra.
  • 70 lbs are considered the maximum weight if you are booked in an Executive Class; if your bag weighs over 70 lbs should be considered as cargo by the airline.

Toddler And Children Baggage Allowances

  • When traveling with a toddler, you can take baggage up to 10 kg; the term and conditions vary if you are booked with a tap|discount.
  • You can take a foldable pram with you as checked baggage if you are booked with a tap|discount fare.
  • Children between the age group of 2-11 are subjected to the same baggage policy as adults.
  • The checked baggage allowance, in this case, too, depends upon the fare, route, and status of your booked flight.

 TAP Portugal Payable Baggage Fare

Just like the baggage allowances, the TAP Air Portugal Baggage Fee also depends on your ticket's type of fare and route. To know better about the baggage fare, take assistance from the given points:

  • For flights to or from Portugal, Spain, and North Africa, 39 USD is the payable amount for tap|discount fare on the first baggage weighing up to 50 lbs. Around 70 USD is charged for the second baggage weighing up to 50 lbs, followed by 95 USD on the third piece weighing the same.
  • For flights going to or from Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Croatia, Switzerland, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Italy, the applicable charges on your first, second and third pieces of baggage are about 51 USD, 83 USD, and 100 USD respectively on baggage weighing up to 50 lbs.

How Much TAP Portugal Airlines Charge For Baggage

If you are flying with airlines, then you must have to aware of the baggage restriction and policies. However, many first-time flyers face issues as they are not aware of the fee related to the baggage. Though TAP Portugal allow you to take luggage without paying any additional charges, in the rule, you are restricted to carry limited bags. For additional weight, you need to bear some baggage fee. If you want to know about TAP Portugal Baggage Chargeyou can rely on the below-mentioned points. 

TAP Portugal Baggage Charges

As you can read earlier in this blog, that there are some numbers that are available to carry, and if you exceed them, then your charges will be include. Here limits are considered as a number, size, and weight. So make sure you go through each and every point. 

  • If the luggage weight is crossed the 23Kg, 158 cm in dimension, then you have to pay $55 per bag. 
  • When the flight is continental, then you might have to pay $70 per person. Here you can see that most of the things rely on the type of booking and destinations. 
  • When you carry the extra baggage at the last moment, then you can see additional charges will be included. To avoid this, you can let the airlines know about the extra luggage in advance so that you have to bear some limited charges only. 
  • There are some restricted items too, and if the bags exceed the length, then it may be sent by cargo that comes with additional charges. 

In this way, TAP Portugal Baggage Charge varies, and for any query, you can interact with the person and get prompt support and know more about it. You can opt for ways, like a phone which can help you to get prompt support.

 TAP Air Portugal Customer Service

So, if you need to carry extra checked baggage with you, TAP Air allows you to purchase an extra hold allowance. To know about the TAP Air Portugal baggage policy for other destinations, visit the airline's official website, or you can also contact the customer service at 1 (800) 221-7370 of TAP Air

  1. Help Center. +1 800 931 18 21. Email. customer@tapmilesandgo.com
  2. Contacts. (+351) 218 415 000. Write to us. Edifício 25 do Aeroporto de Lisboa. 1700-008 Lisbon Portugal
  3. Website. https://www.tapcorporate.com/
  4. Assistance Center. Miami (Cargo): +19736217666. New York - Newark (Cargo): +19736217666

Do you want to know how to contact someone for assistance at TAP Portugal's customer service? TAP Portugal provides help to customers in terms of flying services and bookings. People who need assistance from TAP Portugal Airlines' customer service can reach out in a variety of ways. For more information on the many options for contacting TAP Air Portugal Customer Service please see the data provided below.

Customer care number

  • You may contact TAP Portugal's customer service department by phoning the airline's toll-free contact number, which is available to assist individuals who have any questions.
  • When a person calls customer service, they will be greeted by an automated system that will provide the service.
  • Then, using the automated voice help, customers may ask for a redirecting phone call to a live support representative.
  • Finally, speak with a customer support representative directly about the flight service issue they're having.

Online chat service

  • Any flight-related query may be answered using the TAP Portugal website's online chat platform by connecting to an agent.
  • When someone decides to interact with a representative through live chat, they may type their question into the blank box and wait.
  • Within a few seconds, a representative appears on the screen and begins responding to the customer's question about the flight schedule.

Email service

  • TAP Portugal's customer service may also be reached through email for receiving answers to any questions from a representative.

The information provided above on how to contact TAP Air Portugal Customer Service is accurate, and anybody seeking assistance can use it to contact a representative. TAP Portugal provides people with help through a well-trained staff of customer care representatives, which are reachable via any of the above mentioned channels that can be used depending on the urgency of a person.


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