How do I Cancel ShriLankan Airlines Ticket

After making the flight bookings, if any situations arise, you cannot travel on the selected date, then the best thing you can do is cancel the bookings and get your money back. Most airlines give you a flight cancelation option, and Sri Lankan airlines are one of them. This airline provides you with multiple facilities, but read below if you want to cancel the bookings and need more information about this. 

How Do I Cancel My Flight on Sri Lankan Airlines

You will get several online and offline modes to apply for flight cancelation on Sri Lankan airlines. To know these modes in detail, you need to read below. 

Reach out to a representative: You can communicate with the representative of Sri Lankan airlines and get their help to cancel the flight. You need to call this number +17322050017 to communicate with them and then choose the IVR option per the query. After this, the representative will connect with you and give you your booking details. They will send you the flight cancelation charges link, pay the cost, and cancel the bookings. 

Use the official website: If you want, you can cancel the booking form from the official website of Sri Lankan airlines by following a few simple steps below. 

  • Open the website of Sri Lankan airline 
  • After this, click on the manage bookings option
  • Following this, mention the last name and then the booking reference number
  • Next, click on the flight cancelation option and mention the reason for the cancelation
  • Further, if you see any charges, then pay them through your card

What is Srilankan Airlines Cancellation Policy

There are several policies provided by Sri Lankan airlines through which you will get the information you get information about the situations in which you need to pay the cancelation charges.

  • The cancellation request sent by you within 24 hours of booking the flight is not chargeable, but after the 24 hours of the free window, you need to pay the cancelation cost. 
  • If you get any medical issues after reserving the flight, you need to show the relevant documents of your health, and you will not need to pay the flight cancelation cost. 
  • If your flight is not departure on time and you make the check-in successfully, you will get the option to cancel the flight without paying charges, or if you want, you can reschedule the flight without charges. 
  • While making the bookings, if you use any offer, miles, or voucher, you will not need to pay any charges for cancelation.
  • You can only cancel the bookings before the flight departure; if you reach the airport after the flight departure, you can cancel the bookings. 

How much is Srilankan Airlines panalty for cancelling

The amount you need to pay to cancel the flight will vary as per the flight route and time left in departure. Still, if you have an international booking, you can cancel the booking by paying 200 USD to 250 USD, and for domestic booking, 150 USD to 180 USD. You can consider it cancellation fee for Srilankan airlines cancellation. 

How many hours before I can cancel srilankan flight

Suppose you are traveling to any domestic destination. In that case, you can cancel the flight before 4 hours of the departure date. If you travel to any international destination, you can cancel the bookings before 24 hours of the departure date. 

Can I request refund from srilankan Airline

Yes, after the cancellation of the tickets on Srilankan airline, you can request a refund of the ticket amount if you are eligible for the refund according to the refund policy of Srilankan airline.

Will I get  refund if I cancel Srilankan flight ticket

If you fulfill the refund terms and conditions of Srilankan Airlines' refund policy, you will get a refund after the cancellation of tickets. And if the tickets are canceled on the same day of booking, Srilankan Airlines will give a full refund without deducting cancellation charges.

Srilankan Refund Policy

Suppose after booking the tickets on Srilankan Airlines, you have to cancel the trip for an unforeseen occurrence. To get a refund from the Airline, you must learn about the refund policy explained below:

  • Only the tickets booked from the official website of Srilankan Airlines or the phone app will be eligible to submit a refund request.
  • If the tickets are booked from travel agents or ticket sales centers, please contact them for the cancellation and refund process.
  • Srilankan Airlines gives the privilege of 24 hours cancellation benefit, which says that a full refund will be given if the ticket is canceled within 24 hours of booking.
  • The refund request form must be submitted before 5 hours of the scheduled flight departure.
  • The passenger must provide the correct contact details of, email, and contact number for the Airline to revert for verification on the refund request.
  • If the ticket is canceled for the scheduled Srilankan Airline flight delay, a full refund will be made.
  • If a message is not received on submitting the refund request form, please re-submit the form.
  • The refund will be strictly according to the terms and conditions of Srilankan Airlines.

How do I get a full refund on srilankan flight

To receive a refund from Srilankan Airlines, you must follow the precise process curated by Srilankan Airlines for a refund. Read below to know the method to send the refund request.

Refund request form: Srilankan Airlines has an online refund request form available for customers to send the refund request. To find the request form, do the following:

  • Go to the official webpage of Srilankan Airlines at
  • Click on the “Plan and Book” tab on the homepage
  • Select cancellation and refund from the drop-down list
  • An online refund request form will open on the screen
  • Enter your booking reference and other details of the canceled tickets
  • Submit the form with further instructions.

Call to request a refund: For more information, you can call the customer service of Srilankan Airlines. To speak to a customer service person, do the following:

  • Dial +17322050017
  • Press the number to connect with a person
  • Share the complete details and file the refund request.

How to complain about Srilankan airlines refund

In case you have not received the refund from Srilankan Airline, make a complaint in the following ways:

Call customer service: you can connect with Srilankan Airlines customer service and file a complaint regarding the refund. The customer service person will guide you and provide the necessary information.

Complaint form: you can fill out the feedback/complaint form available on the website to make the refund complaint

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