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Spirit Airlines is one of the most praised ultra-low-cost airlines of America. The airline's best thing to consider is its impressive amenities in the air and on the ground too. And if you are wondering if it is possible to change your Spirit flight for free, then the answer is a big YES! Spirit Airlines allows its passengers to change their flight for free by applying some conditions to abide by.

Is It Possible To Change My Spirit Flight For Free

The airline makes Spirit change reservations smooth and your travel experience even smoother. You can change your reservation at least one hour before the scheduled departure of your flight. This article will provide all the relatable information to help you understand Spirit Airlines' flight change policies

Steps To Change Flight In Spirit Airlines

Take reference from the below-mentioned points if you want to change your Spirit flight:

  • Flight changes at Spirit Airlines are accessible only if you make changes within 24 hours of the scheduled departure.
  • You are allowed to change your flight at least 60 days before the decided departure.
  • You are eligible to make changes within 24 hours if your flights depart seven days later or more.
  • Only flight changes made before 60 or more days are free. Otherwise, you might have to pay some applicable charges.
  • Spirit Cancel Reservation fee is applicable between $75-79 if you are making changes six days before the scheduled departure of your flight; $55-59 for changes made 7-14 days before the departure, $35-39 if you are making changes 15-59 days before the programmed departure of your flight.
  • You are eligible to make changes with your Spirit flight for free if your flight is delayed by 2 hours or more.
  • There are some privileges if you are a Spirit loyalty member; you can make changes 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight.

How Can I Change My Spirit Airlines Flight

Keep in mind the guidelines while applying for a change with your existing flight, and then you are good to go! There are several ways through which you can change your flight with Spirit Airlines. You can contact the airline's customer service team and request a Spirit change reservation to save your time and efforts. Or, go to the My Trips section, enter your name followed by the confirmation number, and proceed with further formalities to change or cancel your Spirit flight.

Can I Change Name On Flight On Spirit Airlines?

Did you book your ticket in a rush and misspelled the name? Do not worry, as Spirit Airlines has a unique name change policy to accommodate your requirements. With the name change policy, travelers find the airline a customer-friendly one. Also, it is crucial that the traveler process the name change by keeping the terms and conditions in mind.

This article highlights the essential points, including the Spirit Airlines name correction policy to ease your experience. Check out the below-mentioned sections carefully before going online and completing the name change formalities!

Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

Consider the below-discussed name change terms and conditions in mind and then make your way through the name changes:

  • The name change policy states that you can only change or modify up to three characters. The airline does not mean that you swap the name and transfer the ticket to someone else with the change.
  • Also, you can complete the change only in the case of legal considerations, and you must present relatable documents at the time of change.
  • And, if the airline verifies the legal reason behind the name change, you can escape paying the name change charges.
  • If you happen to change the contact or gender information of the passenger, it does not come under the name change criteria, and the airline imposes different regulations in such scenarios.
  • Are you also one of the travelers who wonder can I change my name on a flight on Spirit Airlines? Well, you can make changes if you successfully provide the documents like a Marriage License, Court Order, Divorce Decree, or any other legal document to prove your reason.

Spirit also necessitates that the changed name match the government-issued ID; otherwise, you get exempted from making the changes. However, you need to pay the name change charges if you do not qualify for the free change. Read the next section to find detailed knowledge about name change charges.

Spirit Airlines Name Change Fee

Check out the key highlights regarding the name change charges as imposed by Spirit Airlines:

  • If you booked a ticket directly from the airline and surpassed the risk-free period, you must pay around 225 USD to make name changes.
  • Also, if you have already made a name change request and now want to reschedule your flight, the airline imposes a penalty worth 250 USD per passenger.
  • The name change charge to make name corrections up to three letters is 225 USD, and every traveler looking for the change must clear the said due.
  • If you want to make name corrections for flight segments of different airlines, the charge varies up to 225 USD, depending on the fare condition applied during flight booking.
  • If you need special approval from the airline to bring the name modification, the airline requires you to pay 175 USD against the change.
  • Moreover, if you made a genuine typo error, you can complete the changes by paying only 150 USD for the same.

Do you wish to change the ownership and wonder how much is it to change a name on a flight Spirit? Well, you need to pay 200 USD to swap the ticket and allot it to someone else. But, you must comply with the name change policy properly to experience a smooth change. In such a condition, try contacting the airline for professional assistance.

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