What is Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy

When passengers are traveling with the Spirit Airlines and purchase their tickets then one thing that is most important is that they should know all the policies, rules and regulations which will be followed during the onboard procedure. However, one of them which is the most prominent is the baggage. The first thing passengers start to pack is their bags and for that they should know the exact weight and the dimensions they have to carry. Further we will gather information about all such questions related to the baggage.

How many bags can you bring on Spirit Airlines

The passengers have to pay for their baggage at Spirit Airlines, however, this is the reason that the Airlines is able to offer such cheap tickets. They can bring only one item with carry-on free on any charges but they have to pay for their one carry-on bag, one checked baggage and if they carry any extra luggage they have to pay for them as well.

How many bags can you take on Spirit for free

The Airline does not allow any free bags but only one item that the passengers carry apart from their carry-on luggage such as a small purse, book, laptop etc. that can be fit under their seat will be free of charge at Spirit Airlines.

What is Spirit airlines Baggage Policy

If passengers do not want to face any difficulties during the flight onboard procedures then it is mandatory that they should be enlightened about the Baggage Policy and all the rules, guidelines, terms and conditions included in it. Go through some of these conditions given below:

  • The charges for the checked baggage will be less if the passengers check-in online.
  • The free item that is allowed must not exceed the 18 x 14 x 8 inches (45 x 35 x 20 cm) dimensions.
  • As a small item the passengers can bring a small bag or purse, jacket, umbrella, books, guitar (small musical instruments) etc.
  • The carry-on luggage is allowed with 10 kg of weight so that it can easily fit into the overhead cabin.
  • The carry-on luggage must be under the maximum of 22 x 18  x10  inches (56 x 46 x 25 cm) dimensions including handles and wheels.
  • The checked baggage is allowed with 18 to 23 kg of weight at $35. It cannot exceed  the maximum weight of 45 kg. 
  • The passengers have to pay $60 for the luggage weighing from 23 kg to 32 kg and $100 for 32 kg to 45 kg.
  • The checked baggage is also under the dimensions of 62 linear inches (length + width + height; 158 cm) with its wheels and handles.
  • The damaged or disfigured bags will not be acceptable at the time of check-in.
  • If the passengers are bringing any dangerous or prohibited items such as needles, syringes, knives for any medical purpose then they must inform the Airline and get permission for the same.

Does spirit always charge for bags

Yes, the ultra-low cost carrier Spirit Airlines always charges for both carry-on and checked baggage. They include one small that you carry to the flight in your flight ticket price and does not charge for it.

How do I avoid paying baggage fees on Spirit Airlines

There are several things that the passengers can do to avoid or reduce the baggage fee. Some of the tips and tricks are listed below for the same:

  • Travel Credit Card -  There are various American Express cards which will offer discount or annual airline fee credit which can cover the baggage fee.
  • Spirit Saver$ Club - If the passengers are a member of Spirit Airlines savers club then they will be given many advantages and savings through which they can reduce the baggage fee.
  • Payment during Booking - It is evident that paying for the baggage during the booking. Through this the passengers can save up to $30 which will be expensive if they check-in at the Airport.
  • Military Members - The Airline has allowed all the Military members to bring one carry-on and two checked baggage for free.
  • Personal Item - The passengers can also bring only a backpack which can be under their seat. It will be free of charge at Spirit Airlines.

Does Spirit give you one free checked bag

No, Spirit Airlines does not permit a checked bag without any fee. As long as the passengers are not an active part of the Military they will not be allowed to bring any baggage at free of cost apart from only one item.

Can you bring a purse and backpack on Spirit for free

Yes, the passengers can bring any item that is small and will fit under the seat space such as camera, binoculars, book, small or a pocket purse, backpack, laptop, baby carrying basket etc. Any item that will be bigger than these will be counted as carry-on with applicable charges.

Is it cheaper to pay for Spirit bags online

Yes, It will be cheaper to pay for the Spirit luggage online compared to the check in at the Airport. Checking in online will cost $41 to the passengers while at the Airport they have to pay $55. It will be even cheaper if the passengers pay for their baggage during the booking at which they will have to pay $31 for the bags.

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