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Southwest airlines and cancellations are the most talked about topic. There are endless questions that the readers and the passengers have as far as Southwest canceled flights are concerned. Today, in this paper we are going to cover brief information regarding whether Southwest compensates for canceled flights or not. If you have similar questions and doubts, all you need to do is follow until the end and you are good to go.

Get Help About Southwest Compensation Policy

As far as compensations are concerned, Southwest airlines are known to offer refunds against the cancellations made by the passengers. There are certain things that one needs to follow entirely to receive total compensations against the cancellations made with Southwest Airlines.

  • Compensations do not have well-defined rules and regulations and it is entirely up to the airlines whether they are offering compensation to the passengers in case the passengers are met with cancelled or delayed flights.
  • As far as Southwest airlines are concerned, the airline does offer compensation to the passengers by giving them a scope to re-book their flights. They may book the next available flight with Southwest as compensation.
  • Moreover, the cancellation option is always available to passengers. This way the compensation is made in terms of refunds that are issued to the passengers when they opt for cancellation with Southwest.

In case of reimbursements or the Southwest Airlines Compensation Policy, the following conditions are adhered to and are listed down under:

  • If the delays are under two hours, then, in that case, the Southwest airline offers an alternate flight to the passengers who have a reservation with Southwest airlines. All this arranged by the airline and there are no costs or fares involved whatsoever. This compensation could not exceed 650 USD.
  • If the delays are beyond two hours, then, in that case, the Southwest airlines offer an alternate flight to the passengers who have a reservation with Southwest airline. A second available flight is arranged by the airlines and there are no costs or fees involved. However, in any case, this compensation could not exceed 1350 USD. 

These are applicable as far as inclusions pertaining to Southwest airlines compensation for delay flights are concerned. 

Under the Southwest overbooking compensation policy, the passengers get the following

  • The carrier oversells the flights in case there are any last-minute changes as far as the seating capacity is concerned.
  • The carrier also asks the passengers to provide or to give up their seats to those who require it more than the former. This generally happens when the larger carriers are exchanged for the smaller ones.
  • In such cases, the airline compensates by providing another seat on another plane with Southwest. The seats are offered on the next available plane and a 100 USD voucher is also given as a part of compensation.

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