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Know About Sichuan Airlines Cancellation Policy

Sichuan Airlines is a well-known Chinese airline, which covers 94 international destinations through its operational services. The airline facilitates the passengers flying with them with the best services (+1-807-698-0205). If a passenger wishes to cancel a confirmed booking with the airline, it can be easily done according to the Sichuan airline cancellation policy.

Process Of Sichuan Airlines Cancellation policy 

Due to some urgent reasons, if a passenger wants to cancel the booking, it is processed according to the rules of the airline. The important rules and pointers of Sichuan airlines cancellation policy are as follows:

  • A passenger is allowed to cancel only the confirmed bookings.
  • If a passenger cancels the ticket till 6 hours prior to the departure, it will be free of charge. 
  • But if the booking is canceled in the last 6 hours of departure or after the departure time, they need to pay the cancellation fee.
  • For business or first-class bookings, the cancellation fee is 5% of the fare charges.
  • In standard classes, the fee involved in cancellation is 5% of the fare charges whereas the cancellation charges are more for discounted bookings.

How To Cancel Flight Ticket In Sichuan Airlines?

A passenger can cancel the booking by following the cancellation policy of the airline. The simple steps of cancellation are as follows:

  • Go to the website of Sichuan airlines.
  • Click on the Booking Management tab.
  • Enter the passenger details and ticket number to retrieve the itinerary.
  • Once accessed, make the changes as per requirement.
  • Pay the fees as per the fares rules of the airline (if applicable).
  • Save the changes and the passenger will get the updated ticket in the email or as a text message.

Sichuan Airlines Customer Service

For more details about the Sichuan airline cancellation policy, contact the representatives of the airline. The representatives will provide assistance to the passengers for their convenience. The contact info to reach the support team is available on the Sichuan website.

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