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Lufthansa airline is the largest German airline and provides a smooth and safe travel experience to its passengers. Lufthansa helps you manage your booking by providing amazing customer support service. Booking, rescheduling and cancellation of your flight made easy with Lufthansa Airlines.

Easy Steps To Reschedule Lufthansa Flight

Lufthansa allows its travelers to book their air tickets flexibly. With the help of your booking code, you can make the necessary changes to your flight. If you want to reschedule your flight faster, then follow these easy steps:

  • Go to the official website of Lufthansa
  • On the homepage, click on the “My Bookings” section. A drop-down menu will appear on the screen 
  • You will find a form in the drop-down menu, fill in the required details like your first name, your last name, the booking code of your flight
  • After inserting your details, click on the “Find Bookings” option
  • Now you will see the details of your flight booking
  • Make necessary changes like date, time and name of the flight as well to reschedule your flight
  • You can see a set of instructions, follow them consciously
  • Now, choose a method of payment to pay the applicable charges
  • After completing the required payment process, you can generate the invoice for your flight rescheduling
  • You will get the confirmation detail of your flight to reschedule on your mobile- via text or email.

No matter if you change your plan last-minute, you can reschedule your booked Lufthansa flight with ease by following the above-mentioned steps. 

Lufthansa Flight Change Policy

If you face any unavoidable circumstance where you need to reschedule your flight at the last moment, then the Lufthansa flight change policy is made to benefit you. 

  • You can make the necessary change to your flight ticket whether online or offline.
  1.  For the online process, you need to visit the official Lufthansa website or you can make the flight changes on the mobile app of Lufthansa
  2. The offline mode changes can be done by making amendments request in the customer support department of Lufthansa
  • The changes need to be done an hour before the originally scheduled flight
  • The flight you re-book must fly by following the same route and between the same airports as the original flight. You can use the 'Lufthansa same day flight change service' to get the best offer
  • After the completion of the check-in process, the passenger can not change their flight preference
  • The same day change service stays inapplicable for long-route flights      
  • You are required to pay all the applicable change charges and the difference amount in the fare of flights, if applicable
  • Every passenger is subjected to follow the stated terms and conditions of the Lufthansa flight change policy

Lufthansa Customer Service

The policies Lufthansa offer is to benefit its passengers in time of need. Make sure that you go through all the terms and conditions while making amendments to your booked flight. Now you can reschedule Lufthansa flights even more effectively just by visiting the official site of Lufthansa, or you can call the customer representative of the airline. Book your flight with Lufthansa and enjoy your safe and peaceful journey.

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