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The largest airline of Europe and Germany, Lufthansa airline is based in Cologne. With a fleet size of 294, the operational flights of Lufthansa cover 220 domestic and international destinations across the world. The airline offers the best services and facilities to the passengers flying with them.

Lufthansa serves its passengers for offline as well as online services. The passengers can avail a number of online services in the airline through their official website. In case, a passenger has booked tickets with the airline and after booking, the passenger realizes that incorrect name is submitted. If a passenger wants to know How to Change Name in Lufthansa Ticket, it can be easily done by following the below mentioned steps:

Steps To Change Name In Lufthansa 

  • Initially the website of Lufthansa airlines is browsed in the web browser.
  • On its homepage, tab of Manage booking in the main menu is clicked to proceed further for changing the name.
  • To retrieve the itinerary, a passenger is asked to enter the booking reference number and the last name.
  • By clicking on Find bookings option and with correct details, the ticket will be easily accessed for making the changes in the name.
  • On the next page, the passenger will see all the details on the screen and the edit option in that.
  • Then the name on the flight ticket can be changed according to Lufthansa Change Passenger Name procedure.
  • Few instructions on the screen are followed to change passenger’s name on the ticket.
  • Once the name is changed on the ticket, it will be reflected on the itinerary.
  • Finally an email is received by the passenger, which includes the info about the changes with a new e-ticket.

Here is some info about How to Change Name in Lufthansa Ticket:

  • The name change in the ticket is allowed to the passenger due to change in name after marriage. The new name can be entered in the editing section of ticket.
  • The change in name is allowed in case of typing error or error occurred in the passenger’s first or last name.
  • If a passenger is interested in making corrections to the nicknames, it is not allowed in Lufthansa.
  • The name cannot be reversed like if the passenger wants to interchange first name and last name, then it is not allowed.

What Is Lufthansa Cancellation Policy

  • Certain circumstances may develop from time to time that necessitates rapid action, which may include the cancellation of a previously booked airplane ticket. Because air ticket cancellation might be complicated at times, it is critical for travelers to familiarise themselves with the many regulations and laws.
  • A few Lufthansa flights offer non-refundable tickets, which would be clearly stated during the ticket purchase process. Only in exceptional circumstances, as defined by the Australian Consumer Law or the Conditions of Carriage, would such tickets be refunded. 
  • Most other tickets would be refunded, and passengers could seek a cancellation on Lufthansa' official booking site. The refund process would begin as soon as feasible, and the transaction would be finished in 8 to 9 days. As a cancellation penalty, a fixed sum would be withheld from the refund money.
  • Customers can cancel their flight tickets within 24 hours of booking them without incurring any fines or deductions from the original value due to the 24-hour Lufthansa Cancellation Policy. Within 7 days following the cancellation, the final sum would be sent into the bank account. 
  • It is also possible to cancel an Lufthansa ticket online with great comfort and ease. Bookings made directly through the official website can be canceled by using the supplied link. If the booking was made through a third party, such as a travel agent, they must initiate the cancellation.

Lufthansa Customer Service

To know more about the Lufthansa Name Change Policy, the passengers can contact the support department. The support executives will serve the passengers with best assistance and all the services. The customer service of Lufthansa can be contacted via phone, email or live chat. The contact info is provided on the official website of Lufthansa airlines.

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