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Are you looking for information on how to contact Lufthansa Airlines customer service? Lufthansa Airlines has a highly knowledgeable staff of customer service executives that assist customers with any travel-related questions or issues. They provide customer service through a variety of channels, including a customer care number, online chat, email, and so on. You can find out more details about the different ways of contacting Lufthansa Airlines customer service for assistance from below.

How can you contact Lufthansa Airlines customer service

You are permitted to contact the customer service team of Lufthansa Airlines through a variety of ways if you need any travel-related assistance from them. The most dependable method is to dial the Lufthansa phone number to reach a live agent and speaking with them directly. There are other ways to contact customer service including online chat and email. By reading the information below, you will be able to find out how to contact Lufthansa customer service using various methods.

Lufthansa Helpline number

  • You can reach customer support for assistance at 1 (800) 645-3880, a toll-free helpline number where you may speak with a live person about any reservation-related topic.
  • As soon as you connect to customer service via helpline number, an answering machine gives you directions on choosing from a variety of service-related alternatives.
  • Following that, you may continue to follow the electronic voice command, which will eventually take you to a real customer support professional with whom you may speak about your problem right away.
  • The helpline service is the most effective way to contact a live representative of the airline's customer service staff and receive travel-related assistance immediately.

Through Lufthansa Online chat

  • Another alternative to contact customer service center is to use the chat feature that is accessible from the contact us page on the airline's website.
  • To obtain quick assistance, go to the official website and browse to the live chat window, where you may input your concern.
  • After that, a professional from the airline's customer service department shows in the chat window where you had submitted your enquiry.
  • You can discuss your concern further by putting the needed facts in the chat window and obtain a reasonable answer to each of your questions from the agent assigned to you.


  • You may also submit a service-related issue or file a complaint using the airline's email system, which handles every customer inquiries.
  • You must send your inquiry to the airline's registered email address, which is answered by a team of professionals from their customer support department.
  • The response time for customer complaints via email assistance is up to 24 hours or more, and it is therefore not a particularly popular method used by the people.

As you may have noticed, the Lufthansa phone number is the most convenient method of contacting customer service for travel-related issues. Other methods of contacting Lufthansa Airlines customer care, such as web chat and email, are, nevertheless, providing genuine assistance. You may use these options to ask for any type of travel-related assistance or to submit a complaint with Lufthansa Airline's customer care and receive support from them.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you prefer quality over quantity then you must go for Lufthansa airlines as it provides the best possible service in the aviation sector and is growing day by day

If you wish to fly with your pet, you can do that as well;

  • It should be of a size which is allowed by Lufthansa Airlines.

  • You should have proper documentation of your pet regarding the health certificate and the ownership.

Lufthansa is one of the greatest airlines to travel with, then it comes to the comfort one airline is ready to provide us with. If you are looking forward to flying with Lufthansa but you really don’t have an idea whether they allow selection on a prior basis or not;

  • Yes, you can reserve your seats in advance.

  • You can reserve them while you make an online booking.

  • You can reserve your seats at the time of check-in as well.

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