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What Is Jazeera Airlines Cancellation & Refund policy 

While canceling the flight, the only thing that strikes us is how much refund will be generated from the canceled ticket. And there are very few airlines which allow cancellation and refund of flight tickets. Or else airlines mostly don’t allow cancellation. But you are lucky if you have got reservations in Kuwait based Jazeera Airline. For all kinds of reservations, Jazeera allows easy cancellation as well as refund. There are different rules for different types of fare hence; you can follow below given Jazeera Airways cancellation policy.

Process Of Jazeera Airlines Cancellation Policy

1. To cancel the flight, click on the official website (+1-877-803-5058) and look for manage bookings option

2. Once done, select cancel booking from the options and move to the next page.

3.On the next page, enter your booking number and the name of the passenger.

4.As your flight details load, click on the cancel button and press okay. And your cancellation will be confirmed.

Cancellation rules of Jazeera Airlines

1.24 Hours cancellation policy

Like most airlines, if you cancel your Jazeera Airline flight within 24 hours of booking then the airline will refund your entire flight cost and you don’t have to pay any charges.

2.Full cancellation rules

If you fully cancel your flight of economy and business class then you can do so for 24 hours in the economy and till 3 hours before flight departure in business class.

3.Partial Cancellation rules

If you cancel your flight partially in case of connecting flights then you can pay the charges partially and get your flight canceled. Apparently Jazeera Airlines does not charge specifically for partial cancellation but if it does, you can contact customer care for reference.

Jazeera Airlines Refund Policy

1. If you cancel your flight within 24 hours and apply for the refund, make sure that the flight’s departure is at least seven days later.

2. Similarly, if you cancel flight during the last few hours of the flight, you will be charged with cancellation fee and the refund will be calculated only after that.

3. Likewise, refund initiated will be credited as travel vouchers that can be used for next one year

4. The maximum time taken to initiate the refund is seven days.

5. In case of no show policy, you will not be granted any kind of refund.

Jazeera Airways Customer Care

And these were the details of Jazeera Airways refund policy with which you can get your refund back. In case of any doubt, contact Jazeera Airways customer care.

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