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It is easy to use the United Airlines travel bank as you need to visit the official homepage of the airline to complete the formalities. But first, you need to understand the importance of the United Airlines travel bank. Travelers use the travel bank provided by United Airlines to make the most of the travel credits.

How Do I Use United Airlines Flight Credit

Before you know how to use United Airlines travel bank, you must know that you assure a 5-year long validity for your travel credits by depositing your credits in the bank. So, if you also want to use this wallet-friendly strategy, keep reading the coming sections!

Step-wise Guide to Use United Airlines Travel Bank

Follow the given steps to use United Airlines travel bank-

  • You need to visit the official website of United Airlines and get to the booking window page.
  • Next, you need to follow the booking steps and choose a flight of your choice.
  • Once you choose a flight of your choice, provide personal information and select a seat of your preference.
  • Further, you get redirected to the Payment Page, and you can find the following payment options
  1. Pay In Full
  2. Pay Monthly
  3. Travel Certificates and United TravelBank Cash, this option is subject to eligibility.
  4. Other payment forms like PayPal, etc.
  5. Debit or Credit Card
  • Select Travel Certificates and Travel Bank cash option if you need to know how do I redeem United travel bank cash. If you cannot use this option, you can opt for other payment options.
  • Enter the amount you want to use in booking a flight; click the Apply button.
  • Then, United Airlines deducts the cash from the bank, and you can see the invoice on your screen.
  • If there are any further dues left, choose a payment method of your choice and complete the transaction. 
  • However, United Airlines provides travel insurance to cover the entire trip; the choice is yours!

Things to Know About United Airlines Travel Bank Validity

Check out the given points if you have cash in your United Airlines bank-

  • As per the update given by United Airlines, the bank fund expires after five years after its issuance date.
  • United Airlines can forfeit the fund if the airline does not record any activity for the consecutive 18 months.
  • So, ensure that you keep adding money to the bank or use the fund to book a ticket at least once every eighteen months.
  • If you are wondering can I use my United travel bank credit for someone else, the answer is No. The funds you deposit in the United Airlines travel bank remain non-transferable.
  • Also, the expiration date at United Airlines travel bank is subject to change; stay updated.

Everything You Need To Consider About United Airlines Travel Credits!

  • At United Airlines, in most cases, the airline provides travel refunds in travel credits or reward points that you can use to benefit your future journey.
  • You can use the travel credit or travel certificates to book a new ticket from United Airlines.
  • However, travel credits are transferable, and you can use them along with the ETCs to benefit someone else’s travel.
  • If you wish to redeem the travel certificates, you need to visit the My Account page and log into your MileagePlus account. Book a flight ticket of your choice, and on the payment page, you can see the redeem travel certificate option if you are eligible.
  • You can use the electronic travel certificates multiple times if they are valid and have not surpassed the expiration date.

Now that you have an answer to how to use travel bank points United, what are you waiting for? Choose a destination of your choice, book a ticket by paying using your travel fund. Make your trip inexpensive and luxurious with the United Airlines travel bank facility!

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