Can I Use My Tap Voucher For Someone Else

TAP Air allows you to make payment using your voucher for someone else to buy any of the services offered by the airline. You can make as many payments using the voucher as you like until the value expires. TAP Air leverages several vouchers and travel rewards to travelers who wish to get a refund but fail to comply with the formalities within the set time limit.

How To Use TAP Voucher

With the help of this article, you can find out an easy guide on how to use TAP voucher and benefit from its privileges. Give an in-depth reading to the upcoming sections to snap up amazing details about the TAP voucher.

Terms And Conditions Of Using TAP Voucher Policy

TAP Air allows you to benefit someone you know from the voucher you have from the airline. But some guidelines are associated with it, which every voucher owner must comply with, so keep reading-

  • TAP allows you to get cash refunds even after you get the voucher, contact the airline, and you can grab a refund for your canceled reservation.
  • You can use the voucher for someone you know within the expiration date of the redeemed voucher.
  • If getting an answer to how long is a TAP voucher valid for is all that you need, then it stays valid until one year from the time of issuance.
  • You can use the voucher, but you are not obliged to use it all at once; you can use a part of it and keep the rest to use in the future.
  • If you are using the voucher for someone else, you can use it to pay for the ticket reservation and other services; but, TAP Air strictly prohibits the commercialization of voucher credits.
  • You can only make a payment using the voucher online for someone else.
  • You can use up to three vouchers for the same online purchase, and if you need to exceed the limit, you need to contact the TAP Air contact center.

You need to keep the given terms and conditions in mind if you wish to use your travel voucher from TAP Air to benefit someone else's trip. Well, you can redeem the voucher in several effective ways.

Methods To Redeem TAP Air Travel Voucher

Below given is a list of options for you to redeem your voucher for someone else-

Book A Flight

  • Generally, people use the voucher to book a flight ticket for someone else, which can be done online.
  • Visit the official TAP Air website, book a ticket, and pay for the booking charges using your voucher.

Purchase A Service

  • You can use the TAP Air voucher to buy any service offered by TAP Air for someone you know.
  • You can purchase the in-flight services TAP Air Portugal offers using the travel voucher.

Reschedule A Trip

  • Use your voucher to reschedule the trip by visiting the “Manage Booking” section of the airline.
  • Reschedule the reservation you wish and pay the fare difference using your voucher.

Whenever you cancel a flight, there is a chance that you might not get your refund. But if you have booked your ticket with TAP Portugal, you can get a refund in multiple ways. TAP Portugal provides you the option to get a refund in vouchers or the original mode of payment. You can request a refund in the form of a voucher, but you need to know the TAP Portugal voucher refund policy first. Below are some major policies that will help you to save your money.

What Is The TAP Portugal Voucher Refund Policy

Below are some policies that will tell you when you can get the TAP Portugal refund voucher and the terms and conditions for its use.

  • If you have canceled a refundable ticket, you can request a voucher from the Booking and Managing option.
  • You can also request a refund voucher if you have canceled the flight within 24 hours of the booking.
  • If TAP Portugal has canceled the flight, you can ask for a travel voucher instead of a refund.
  • If the TAP Portugal flight is delayed without prior information and jeopardizes your journey, you can ask for a refund voucher or your full refund.
  • If your connecting flight is canceled or delayed, the airline will provide you with a refund voucher for the rest of your journey.
  • You can use the TAP Portugal refund voucher for new bookings with the official website of TAP Portugal.
  • If you don't need to use the complete voucher, you can use it until the total voucher amount is used.

So, these are the important terms and conditions of getting a voucher from TAP Portugal. If you want to know more about the TAP Portugal voucher refund policy, you can contact the airline's customer support. If you want to return the voucher and get a refund, you have to request the same with the customer representative of TAP Portugal.

How Long Are TAP Portugal Vouchers Good For

TAP Air issues vouchers to travelers by several means, and these vouchers are deemed to last for one year. These vouchers can help you benefit your future trip with TAP Air if you face difficulty with the current reservation. 

If you wonder about the validity, like how long are TAP Portugal vouchers good for, you should know that the TAP Air voucher expires within a year of its issuance. Also, to gain more information about TAP Air travel vouchers, you need to wait for the upcoming section!

Easy Methods of Claiming Voucher at TAP Air

Like other travelers, if you also need to claim a voucher, here are some of the effective methods to proceed with-

Flight Cancellation

  • When you cancel your flight, the airline gives you two options after completing the cancellation formalities- claim a voucher or a refund.
  • You need to go with the voucher option, and the airline credits the travel voucher into your TAP Air account.

Redeem Miles

  • If you are a frequent flyer of TAP Air, you must have several miles stored in your account.
  • Use these miles to book a ticket or any service to claim a travel credit or voucher from the airline.

Use Credit Card

  • TAP Air leverages you with vouchers when you shop for TAP Air tickets or services using your credit card.
  • So, ensure that you use a credit card for the next purchase if you wish to claim a refund for your next trip.

Can I Give My TAP Voucher To Someone Else

Yes, you can use the TAP Air Portugal voucher to benefit someone else’s trip by following some easy and understandable steps. You can redeem the TAP voucher while booking a ticket, purchasing the services, or upgrading a seat at the airline.

So, stop wondering about can I use my TAP voucher for someone else as the airline allows you to do that without any trouble. However, if you face any trouble redeeming the voucher for yourself or someone you know of, you can contact the TAP Air customer service team.

Check out the following methods to use a TAP Air voucher to benefit your future trip and make it inexpensive:

Flight Reservation

If you wish to use your TAP Voucher to book a flight reservation for someone you know, you need to follow the given procedure-

  • Open the official TAP Air Portugal website and navigate the booking window of the airline.
  • You need to enter the following information- the arrival and departure airport location, the journey date/dates, number of passengers and then click on the Search Flights option.
  • Review the flight and pick out a flight that suits your itinerary and budget the most.
  • Once you select a flight, you need to enter the passenger's details you wish to book a flight for.
  • Enter their full name and contact details as required to book a flight; comply with the further instructions.
  • Next, when you get to the payment section, you need to pay the applicable booking charges by redeeming the vouchers you have from TAP Air Portugal.
  • Lastly, the airline sends the flight booking invoice to the registered contact address while booking.

Now you know how you can book a flight for someone you know by visiting the airline's official website. Nevertheless, you can also use the voucher to purchase in-flight services to make your journey even luxurious.

TAP Services

TAP Air allows its passengers to book services before flying on their chosen aircraft of TAP Air. Following are the list of some services that you can purchase for yourself and for someone else who is flying with TAP Air Portugal

  1. You can upgrade an existing seat using the travel voucher at TAP Air.
  2. You can use the travel voucher to purchase in-flight services.
  3. You can also redeem the voucher to purchase a membership at TAP Air.

Now you know several efficient answers to how do I use a TAP Voucher without facing any trouble. Also, you can purchase the services by visiting the My Trips section at the airline's homepage. However, if you face any trouble redeeming the voucher, you can get help from the TAP Air customer representatives

Now you know how to claim TAP Portugal vouchers, you can proceed further and get a voucher of your own. Moreover, if you face any difficulty claiming a voucher, you can try contacting the TAP Air Portugal customer service team. The executives can process the request on your behalf and help you enjoy the benefits of TAP Air travel vouchers!

Now that you know how to redeem TAP Voucher, you can go ahead and use your voucher to benefit someone you know. However, if you face a challenging situation while understanding the terms and conditions of the voucher or redeeming it, you can try contacting the TAP Air contact center.

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