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Does Lufthansa Allow Free Seat selection?

While booking your reservations, seat selection is necessary whether you prefer to sit near a window seat or aisle. If you don’t select your seat at the time of buying tickets, then the airline will offer a random seat during check-in. Here are the details about the seat selection policy that passengers must be aware before making Lufthansa reservation.

Lufthansa Seat Selection Policy

Before selecting your favorite seat, please read the policies related to Lufthansa seat selection policy:

  • Lufthansa airline permits the passengers to choose a seat when they are booking the flight, during check-in, at the airport but before check-in. Moreover, passengers can select a seat through the manage booking option. However, only after the reservation is confirmed flyers can pick a seat. 
  • If you are on a waiting list reservation, wait for the confirmation to book your preferred seats. 
  • Travelers have to make seat selections in advance a minimum of 52 hours prior to the flight departure. 
  • In order to select the seat, passengers have to pay a certain fee to complete the booking. Generally, the charges depend on the type of seat and destination. 
  • Your ticket type is non-refundable. Thus, Lufthansa Airlines will not return the fee charged for the advance seat selection fee.

How to select Seat in Lufthansa Flight?

After your reservation is confirmed, you can select a seat using different modes like online, at the airport, or through customer executives at the airline. 

Online Mode: This helps passengers to choose their seats without any assistance from the airline/ Follow the guide to reserve your seat: 

  • Visit the website of Lufthansa airlines. 
  • Click on the Menu section. 
  • Select “View & amend flight details” under Book & Manage. 
  • Enter your booking details. 
  • Choose the seat selection option. 
  • And click on Submit button. 

At the Airport: Passengers can select their seat before check-in at the airport, you can go to the help center, and they will offer the required assistance. You require to share the details, such as the booking confirmation number and name. If you are picking a seat just before the check-in, you can choose without paying any charges. However, consider paying a certain amount at the airport for the advance seat reservation. After the payment, your seat will be reserved. 

Customer support: Dial the contact number 1 (800) 645-3880 to reach a live representative 24 hours a day. The same number can be contacted if you face any issues while selecting a seat. 

Does Lufthansa Allow Free Seat Selection?

Yes, Lufthansa Airlines offers free seat selection in some fare categories. This depends on the time when you are selecting a seat. If the below-shared conditions are fulfilled, passengers are free to book a free seat with the airline. 

  • Travelers can pick their preferred seat after the check-in window opens. But they can choose from the available options. 
  • Flyers with First-class/business-class tickets for international and continental feeder flights can reserve their flights without paying any fee. 
  • Traveling from and to Italy, travelers with a child aged 2-12 years old or mentally/physically challenged impaired are allowed without any fee. 

If you have any issues while selecting your seat, contact customer support.  

How much does it cost to choose a seat on Lufthansa?

Standard seats will coat you for around $20 to $66. In case you are required extra legroom seats, you may cost approximately $ 30. For the accurate price, you can check on the website, as it varies based on the date and destination. 

Lufthansa Economy Light Seat Selection

If flying on Lufthansa economy light ticket seat selection, you can add a seat 48 hours before departure but still have to pay a fee for advance seat reservation. However, passengers have the option to choose the seat available at the time free of cost. 


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