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Emirates is a major airline and is known to provide better travel opportunities to its travelers. The airline allows you to make your journey comfortable and safe by bestowing upon several travel facilities. No matter when you need the assistance and what type of assistance you want, Emirates provides it all in just one request. 

Does Emirates Allow You To Get A Wheelchair

If you need a wheelchair to onboard your flight and need an answer to how to get a wheelchair on Emirates, this article can help you out effectively. From here, you can grab several efficient methods of booking a wheelchair from the Emirates and make your journey feasible.

Methods To Get Wheelchair At Emirates

Emirates allows you to take special assistance anytime throughout a journey, and the executives at Emirates are always happy to provide a helping hand. The attendants can even help you move with the wheelchair, and you can book the assistance by any of the given methods-

Get Wheelchair Assitance While booking 

  • If you want a wheelchair, you can book it while making a reservation with Emirates as the airline provides a wheelchair at any airport-
  • Open the official Emirates homepage and navigate the flight booking window.
  • Proceed further by following the booking steps and formalities until you reach the customization page.
  • There you can select the Emirates Wheelchair Booking option to book yourself a wheelchair.
  • Now, proceed further by paying the applicable charges, including the wheelchair assistance charges.
  • The airline confirms the booking of flight tickets and wheelchair assistance in your email or on the registered contact number.

How To Get Wheelchair Assistance At Airport

  • When you are at the airport and need special assistance, you can do it at the Emirates terminals.
  • Also, you can book the wheelchair or any special assistance from the flight, and an Emirates agent can escort you to and from the pick-up point.

Customer service

  • The best way to book wheelchair assistance is by asking the customer service representative to do it for you.
  • Contact the Emirates customer service before the scheduled departure date so that you can get the best possible assistance.
  • Also, you can contact the airline through several contact methods- call, live chat, and email.

Choose any of the mentioned methods, and you can get yourself a wheelchair or mobility aid from Emirates.

Things to know before booking a wheelchair

If you are booking a wheelchair at Emirates, below discussed is a list of important notes to keep in mind-

  • You can bring medical equipment, including the collapsible manual wheelchair, and the airline does not count it with your overall cabin baggage allowance.
  • The airline checks the mobility and capacity if they can be stored securely inside the cabin.
  • The airline measures the size and weight of the wheelchair to help you check in your wheelchair; make sure that you pack the wheelchair properly to travel comfortably.

You can talk to the Emirates travel agent about the Emirates wheelchair charges and how you can get the assistance easily. Now that you know Emirates provides special assistance anytime you want it, what are you waiting for? Book a ticket now with Emirates and explore the taste of traveling in the air!

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