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Important Details You Need to Know About Refund at Pegasus!

Pegasus Airlines is one of the most customer-friendly options if you wish to have a flexible booking experience. The airline understands that canceling a flight can be a tough task for you; that is why it processes quick refunds.

If you wonder how long does Pegasus take to refund, it takes around 7-10 days to receive a refund, considering the day from the request submission.

Need further information about Pegasus refund guidelines? Keep reading to get the upcoming section that can help you make an informed decision with your Pegasus reservation!

Step-Wise Guide to Claim a Refund at Pegasus

Pegasus allows you to request a refund from two methods- online and customer service. Take a look at the discussed methods that can guide you in claiming a refund from Pegasus-

  • Open the official homepage of Pegasus Airlines using your preferred search engine.
  • Tap on the ‘Manage My Booking’ tab and enter the required credentials- Last Name and PNR Number; click Next to retrieve your booking.
  • Follow the further steps of flight cancellation and insert the reason for the reservation cancellation.
  • Comply with the formalities and then wait for the cancel request submission.
  • If any cancellation charges apply to your ticket, you need to pay it by choosing a payment method.
  • Lastly, you must submit the refund request form from the same cancellation page.

After completing the formalities constructively, the airline sends you a cancellation and refund request confirmation invoice. However, do not worry about how do I get my Pegasus refund if you face any technical glitches online. In the upcoming section, you know how to contact customer service to retrieve a refund.

About Pegasus Airlines Refund Policy

Check out the given refund policy at Pegasus before you visit the booking management section to cancel your reservation for a refund-

  • A Pegasus traveler can only process the online refund if they booked the ticket using the online portal or customer service.
  • Not all are Pegasus airline tickets refundable, and getting a refund depends solely upon the type of fare you have chosen while booking the ticket.
  • You are eligible for a refund depending on the fare condition applied at booking.
  • Pegasus issues refunds only to the passenger whose name is shown on the ticket, and if you booked a non-flex ticket, you might not get any refund at all.
  • Also, the airline credits the refund in the original payment form and in the same currency the passenger used to book a ticket.
  • If the airline cancels your itinerary abruptly, you are entitled to a full refund, and the airline does not deduct any charges.
  • If you purchased a Pegasus ticket using a third-party consolidator, you must contact them to claim a refund.

Pegasus Airlines Customer Service 

  • Dial the reservation center number of Pegasus Airlines and wait to hear an interactive voice response from the other end.
  • Follow the instructions carefully and press the number keys to get through the Pegasus refund department.
  • Once you get through an agent, provide them with the required details and let them process the cancellation.
  • The executives complete the refund process, too, after completing the cancellation formalities.

So, follow the given steps if you are looking forward to canceling a flight to get a refund. However, you must qualify the terms and conditions as put forth by Pegasus to benefit your booking while claiming a refund.

Now you know the benefits of Pegasus Airlines refund policy and how you can process the refund request, hurry up now! Also, do not think twice before getting through the customer service team if you face any kind of trouble while making a refund request.

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