How Do I Check My Flight With Turkish Airlines

How can I check-in for my Turkish Airlines flight?

Turkish Airlines provides several check-in options to make the boarding experience easier and comfortable for you. But, Turkish Airlines online check-in is one of the most preferable and convenient methods of Turkish Airlines check-in. Follow the given steps to check-in online for your flight-

  • Open the official homepage of Turkish Airlines and click on the Check-In tab given on the booking window.
  • Next, you need to provide the Ticket Reservation Number followed by your Family Name; retrieve your booking.
  • Afterward, you can choose a seat from the available option; if you want, you can choose a seat of your preference by paying additional charges or adding extra services to make your journey extra comfortable.
  • Lastly, you can print a boarding pass or download it to present at the time of boarding.

Can I change reserved seats at Turkish Airlines after I check-in for my flight?

Yes, Turkish Airlines provides flexible check-in facilities to its travelers. As long as you haven't printed the boarding pass, the airline allows you to switch seats.

Can I check in online if I have a group booking from Turkish Airlines?

The answer favors your situation if you wonder can I check-in online with Turkish Airlines if you have booked a group booking. The airline allows you to check-in up to nine passengers in a group booking applicable per transaction. You need to write one-by-one the passengers’ surname along with their ticket number to check-in online for your Turkish Airlines ticket.

Does Turkish Airlines allow online check-in for children?

Yes, you can check-in for your children online by visiting the official website of Turkish Airlines. Moreover, you can check in for all the passengers, irrespective of their age, if they share the same reservation code as you.

How does kiosk check-in work at Turkish Airlines?

If you do not know the Turkish Airlines online check-in drills, do not fret about it as there are several other check-in methods available at Turkish Airlines. One such convenient option is kiosk check-in; check out the given steps to proceed with Turkish Airlines kiosk check-in:

  • Firstly, you need to visit the official kiosk stations at the Turkish Airlines airports.
  • There, you can start the process by placing your debit card or Miles and Smiles card on the card reader. However, you can also insert the e-ticket number or the reservation code on the screen to initiate the process.
  • Select a seat from the available options; however, you can request a seat of preference if you need any by paying the applicable charge amount.
  • And then, you can easily print your boarding pass.
  • So, checking in using the Turkish Airlines kiosk is not a tough task to opt for. Ensure that you complete the formalities as soon as possible if you wish to avoid any rush.

How much earlier should I arrive for Turkish Airlines airport check-in?

If you are visiting the official airport of the airline to check-in for your flight, you need to reach there at least three hours before your scheduled Turkish Airlines flight takes off. There are several formalities and procedures to follow after you visit the airport, so it is advisable to take ample time before visiting the airport.

Does Turkish Airlines allow check-in for three passengers at a time?

Yes, you can check-in for three passengers at a time at Turkish Airlines. In fact, at Turkish Airlines, you can check-in online for up to nine passengers who share the same PNR as you. 

When can I check in online?

Turkish Airlines opens the online check-in portal 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. And the portal remains open for up to 90 minutes until the flight takes off. You must complete the online check-in formalities earlier so that you can lead an untroubled experience of flight boarding.

What are the advantages of checking in online?

Before you know can I check-in online with Turkish Airlines, you must know the benefits of checking in online. Some of the most crucial advantages of checking in online are given below-

  • The most evident advantage of the online check-in option at Turkish Airlines is that you save waiting time in a long and tiring queue at the airport.
  • Also, everyone is aware of the adverse situation that COVID-19 has caused worldwide, so it is safer to sit at home and check in to take extra precautions.
  • As compared to other methods of check-in, the online check-in portal remains open until 90 minutes before your chosen flight’s scheduled departure.
  • Also, when you check-in online for your flight, you do not have to face any long lines in the security section and who doesn't want that, right?

Like the above-discussed advantages, there are a plethora of advantages that Turkish Airlines online check-in facility has to offer. So, go online and witness the benefits on your own!

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