Can you change name on Frontier plane ticket

Have you committed a name error while booking a Frontier ticket? You are in luck as the airline allows you to correct names hassle-free. You can visit its official portal to bring the changes or take help from customer service. However, if you wish to make such changes, the airline requires you to follow its standard regulations.

So, the answer is a yes if you wonder can you change the name on the Frontier plane ticket? This article can guide you efficiently about the name change policy and process to make your booking even more seamless. 

Frontier Airlines Name Change Policy

The airline bestows upon some of the most flexible policies of making changes in your existing itinerary. If you need detailed information on the name change policy, you can rely on the below-discusses points:

  • If you look forward to making name corrections, ensure that the altered name matches the name mentioned on government-issued IDs like your DL or passport.
  • The airline allows you to make changes only if you made minor mistakes or faced a legal name change.
  • A passenger must rebook their flight by providing the correct name after making necessary alterations in the original reservation.
  • However, as per the Frontier Airlines name change policy, you cannot transfer your ticket to someone else by formatting the name.
  • And, if you rebook a ticket within the name change scenarios, you need to pay the incurred name change fees and pay the applicable fare difference, if any.
  • You can contact the Frontier Airlines support team, and the change request may take time to process the changes depending on the fare type and class of service.
  • Moreover, if you booked multiple segments with the airline, you must separate the segments to process the name change; in such an extraordinary scenario, a restrictive rule applies, and you must abide by it.

Keep in mind the conditions mentioned by the airline and then proceed to make the changes. Also, if you fail to comprehend the policies, you need to pay the applicable charges. Read the next segment to know about the name correction fees applied by the airline.

Frontier Airlines Name Correction Fees and Process

The Frontier Airlines name change fee majorly depends on your fare type and the class of service you booked originally. The fees imposed start from $75, and you need to pay the applied fare difference, if necessary. Now, you know about essential things to consider while making corrections; check out the given steps:

  • Go to the Manage Booking section once you open the official Frontier homepage.
  • Provide your six-digit booking reference number and last name; tap the Submit button.
  • Use the Change Name link to correct your name up to three characters.
  • Pay the required fees as prompted on your screen to check out the page.
  • Upon completing the transaction, the airline sends you an updated itinerary with the correct name on it.

Follow the given steps, keep in mind the Frontier Airline name correction policy, and then you are good to go! However, if you face inconveniences processing the correction yourself, you can contact the airline’s customer support. The agents can perform the name change request on your behalf to suit your convenience.

Want To Change Your Frontier Flight? This Guide Can Help You In Real-Time

Frontier Airlines helps you change your flight and find a reservation that suits your new itinerary. The airline even allows you to make changes for free if you do it within standard time and abide by the terms as released by the airline. So, if you want to make changes affordably, Frontier Airlines is the best option to go with!

Do you want more information on the Frontier Airlines flight change policy? This article can suffice your requirements. Here, you can find an easy to comprehend guide about the flight change policy and several other aspects associated with it. Dive in to find out!

General Flight Change Policy: Frontier Airlines

Changing flights at Frontier is an easy task, but you must adhere to the terms and conditions to make the process seamless. So, if you look forward to changing your existing itinerary and need help with understanding the conditions linked with it, the below-mentioned points can guide you in a simpler form:

  • The airline states that you can bring any changes to your current reservation provided that you pay the due charges like the fare difference and other charges.
  • Also, you can bring modifications to your itinerary for free if you do it within a day of its booking.
  • The airline brings a sigh of relief for travelers who face the question: can I change my flight time on Frontier? Yes, you can change the time given that you do it before checking in for your flight. Also, your ticket must qualify the stated terms and conditions to modify your flight time.
  • Suppose you choose a flight that costs you cheaper than your originally booked one. In that case, the airline is not liable for any residual value once you confirm the change.
  • The changes and cancellations you make on Frontier Airlines are subject to eligibility, and the conditions applied when you booked the ticket.

The point of understanding these points is that you can learn how to escape paying excessive change charges. But, if you cannot abide by the regulations, the airline imposes a penalty that you must pay. The next section can guide you about the charges applied by the airline.

Flight Reschedule Fees: Frontier Airlines

Before you process the change, do you know how much it cost to reschedule a Frontier flight? Stop worrying if you have no idea about it. Take reference from the below-highlighted points:

  • Frontier lets you change your flight for free if you do it at least 60 days before the flight’s departure.
  • However, if you are late by one day and make the changes between 59 to 7 days before its departure, you need to pay $39 - $49 to complete the process.
  • Furthermore, the airline charges you between $59-$79, depending on the booking date, if you wish to make changes six days or less left before the flight’s departure.

If you don’t want to pay the mentioned charges and make the change procedure extravagant, you must act as per the proposed terms. Like not all the tickets qualify for a change, you cannot make changes anytime you want. Want to know the longest Frontier Airlines allows you to make modifications? The next segment is all you need to read!

How Long Can You Change Your Frontier Flight Date?

Here is the deal about the flight change time, so act accordingly:

  • The airline requires you to make changes or cancellations, based on your requirement, before the check-in time, i.e., 45 minutes before the flight’s departure if you booked a domestic flight and 60 minutes before the departure if you have an international flight ticket.
  • Also, if you do not check in for your flight due to tentative plans, the airline cancels your reservation, making it impossible to change the ticket.
  • And, if you are unable to bring changes within the said deadline due to technical issues, you can try contacting the airline for the same.

Do you know about the general Frontier Airlines date change policy and how you can easily skip paying the charges, Unable to make changes on your own? Reach out to the airline’s customer service team and make the change request. The agents can process the change on your behalf and make the experience even more seamless!

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