How To Change Name In Cathay Pacific

Booked your flight with Cathay Pacific and need to change or modify itinerary of your journey then here is a complete solution for all your queries. Cathay Pacific gives a easy access to the passengers and the flexibility to change and edit the information of a booked flight.

Can I Edit Passenger Name on Cathay Pacific?

Yes, you can edit the passenger's name on Cathay pacific unless minor changes are required. The complete name change is not possible; if you want to change Jonh to John, no problem; however, changing John to Michael is not possible. Besides, can I edit passenger name on Cathay Pacific? Then the answer is yes; you can change the surname if you got married or divorced before your trip. In that case, legal documents need to be submitted. 

How Can I Change the Name on Cathay Pacific?

Suppose you book the ticket via Cathay Pacific directly or via an authorised source. You can change the name by visiting the Manage booking section online or calling the representative. Besides third-party booking, only the agency can help you. Besides, how can I change the name on Cathay pacific? If you don't know, here is the information you can follow. 

Method 1: Change the Name Online 

  • Get on the official website of Cathay Pacific and go to the 'manage booking section
  • Now go to the section 'Find a booking' to retrieve booking details
  • Then enter the booking details; First name, last name, and booking reference 
  • Then click on the button 'Find my booking.' 
  • On the new page, you will see an option to Edit reservation; click on it 
  • Now make the required modification in your name and confirm the changes
  • Go to the payment page, clear the payment of the change fee if applicable 
  • Once you clear the fee, follow the instruction to complete the process 

Method 2: Change the name by Calling 

  • Dial the Cathay Pacific reservation number 000 800 050-2163 
  • You can choose language first and then follow IVR to connect with a live agent 
  • Once connected, request the agent for the name change 
  • You can provide the relevant information and proof of the correct name
  • The agent will make the name changes on your behalf 
  • Clear the name change fee, and your name will be modified soon 

Cathay Pacific Name Correction Policy

  • As per the Cathay pacific name change policy, you can edit your name up to three characters in case of an error. You cannot add, delete or swap names if any such name changes are required. 
  • The Cathay pacific Name correction Policy allows you to correct the name; complete name changes are not allowed. If you want to correct the name, you must submit a copy of your passport as proof. 
  • Make sure the name you entered during booking matches the name in your passport. 
  • You can transfer your ticket to a passenger with a different name. You must purchase a new ticket if you want to change the character completely. 

Cathay Pacific Name Correction Fee

The correction fee depends on various features like location, ticket type, change type you want to make, and location. For North America and a few selected countries, If you book the ticket online or via the reservation department, you don't need to pay any change fee. Whereas for Japan & Taiwan, China, India, South East Asia & Europe, if you book the ticket online or via reservation, you will have to pay the Cathay pacific name correction fee of around $ 30 to $ 60. You can speak to the customer support team of Cathay pacific directly to know about the exact charges. 

Procedure To Change Name In Cathay Pacific:

Well, if you wish to change your name on Cathay Pacific flight ticket then it is a quite easy task that can be carried out without any hassle. Here is a simple procedure to change the name on Cathay Pacific:

  • Visit the official site of Cathay Pacific.
  • Enter the credentials and login to your Cathay Pacific booking account.
  • Go to the option of Manage My Booking that is given in the upper corner of the page. Manage My Booking section allows the passengers to retrieve the booking details of the previously booked flights and displays a log of recently booked flights.
  • Select the ticket on which you want to change the name on Cathay Pacific +1-804-403-8320 and then click the modify option. From there, tap the Edit and modify button in order to change your name on the booked flight.
  • Make the desired changes in your booking details and then save the information. Your information will be updated.

Cathay Pacific Flight change, Cancellation, and Refund Policy:

If there is any change in your trip plan then you need to make changes in your booked flight like departure time or date. Making any change in a booked flight costs a change fee whose amount depends on the departure and arrival point of the flight.

  • Canceling a flight with Cathay Pacific within 24 hours of the booking makes it eligible to get a full refund of the ticket fare.
  • Passengers can request a refund for the cancellation online.
  • If the request for a refund is made after 2 years of the flight booking date then the airline refuses to refund.
  • If the cancellation is made after 24 hours of the booking then you need to pay a cancellation charge that depends on the departure and arrival point.

Passengers can also know about the policies and conditions of Cathay Pacific over the phone by dialing the airlines helpline number.

How To Seek Assistance for Cathay Pacific Flight Change

Well, planning a trip with Cathay Pacific airlines has become a simpler task after the introduction of the online booking system. However, some travelers had certain queries regarding the reservations. Fortunately, Cathay Pacific Airlines understands the concern of the passengers and introduced customer support services. 

For the passengers who are looking out for answers regarding Cathay Pacific reservations and airline policies, they can contact Cathay Pacific Customer Service to seek assistance to resolve their queries. Further, the dedicated team of the airline representatives works round the clock to provide passengers with the required assistance to manage their travel with the airline.

Contacting Cathay Pacific Customer Service

  • To seek assistance from Cathay Pacific airline representatives, the passengers can contact them using the toll-free number offered by the airline. 
  • In case, if the passenger fails to contact the airline representative over a phone call, one can seek assistance by using email assistance. 
  • Besides, the passenger can simply visit the airline website and check for solutions under the contact us section. 

Hence, this was the complete information regarding Cathay Pacific Customer Service that one requires to know to resolve their queries and manage their travel with the airline accordingly and in time. 

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