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Spirit Airlines is an ultra-low-cost carrier in the United States. When you have organized an event and made a reservation with this airline. If the flight you have chosen does not fit your requirements, you are willing to switch. Moreover, various factors are responsible for changing a flight, and the detail available in subheadings.

Flight Change Policy of Spirit Airlines 

When you have to change the flight on Spirit Airlines, you must follow certain statutory provisions. Thus, the details on that have been available in the Spirit Flight Change Policy, which is illustrated at the bottom.

  • When you change your flight within 24 hours of booking, and it has been conducted seven days or more before the flight's departure, you cannot be charged with any sort of penalty. 
  • If you have to change your flight after the expiration of this grace period, then you could be charged the change fees as per the fare type and routes.
  • If you have a medical emergency or illness, a flight change could be conducted without extra cost. But have to submit the document related to this to the airline.
  • When your original flight gets delayed by three hours or more, you can switch to the new flights without paying any extra sum.
  • You get to approach the travel agent for the reservation they pursue, not the airline.

Process to Change a Flight on Spirit Airlines

You can change a flight on Spirit Airlines by going through its policy. But being confused about How to change a flight on Spirit Airline, you can have the modes to conduct the process.

Via call

You can pursue your request by taking aid from the airline customer service by giving them a ring. So you can dial 1 (855) 728-3555 and choose a preferred language first. After that, select the appropriate options from the IVR menu, such as:-

  • Press1 for a new booking
  • Press6 for an existing reservation
  • Then press3 to change flight
  • Press9 to speak with customer service

Via online

When you have to conduct the revelation on your own, you can use the online method. And the guide for using these options is mentioned at the bottom:-

  • Open the official website of Spirit Airlines
  • After that, click on my trip options
  • And then, enter the last name with the booking code
  • Now click on the change flight option
  • Later on, choose your new flight and then make the payment.

Acknowledge to Change Flight without Penalty on Spirit Airlines

When you switch the flight, you may have to pay for that, but in some conditions, additional charges are not applicable. And for this, you are getting issues Can i change my flight on Spirit without penalty then refer to the beneath points:-

  • Flight change is conducted within 24 hours of booking.
  • When the flight has been delayed by three hours.
  • If you are a member of the spirit saver club.

Become aware of Flight Change Fees on Spirit Airlines

On Spirit Airlines, a fee is charged to change a flight, but within the risk-free time, the change is done without any additional cost. The Spirit Airline Change flight Fee could be around $60 to $200. 

Hence, this is the information about the flight change on Spirit Airlines. If anything is difficult to get through, ask the airline customer service for the answers.

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