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Caribbean Air is a national carrier based in Trinidad and Tobago. And if you want to travel to this beach island then you can book flights easily. But people often not satisfied with their bookings or because of any emergency also cancel their bookings. If you want to cancel your booking of Caribbean Air, then one can easily look for the Caribbean Airlines cancellation policy and cancel their flights. To find out how, here is the complete guideline.

Steps To Cancel Flight In Caribbean Air

1. If you have confirmed that you want to cancel your flight then go to the official website of the airline and look for the manage bookings option

2. Once done, click on the cancel flight option of the Caribbean Airline and proceed ahead.

3. Now enter your booking number followed by your second name and click on cancel flight button once your flight details load.

4. You can also call up on the reservation helpline number and request them to cancel your flight.

5. And once finished, you will be done.

Process Of Caribbean Air Cancellation Policy

1. If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking then you can do it for free as well as apply for the full refund.

2. Moreover, if you cancel your flight let’s say at the last moment then you have to pay some cancelation charge for that. Your refund will also be calculated depending upon your flight.

3. And in case of flight cancellation because of the bad weather, you will get the full refund or will be accommodated in any other flight.

4. There is no refund in case of No show policy.

5. And the maximum time taken to credit the refund can be seven days.

Caribbean Air Helpline

And that’s all for canceling the flight. If in case you need any other doubt or information then you can contact the Caribbean Air Helpline team of the airline.

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