How To Book A Flight For Someone Else On United Airlines

How Do I Buy A Flight Ticket For Someone Else On United Airlines

ave you got some extra or miles in your travel account on United Airlines? And have you planning to use them to book flights for someone else as in friends or family? Well, many airlines such as United Airlines lets you do this. However, there are certain things that you are required to keep in your mind. Besides, United Airlines let you use your miles to book flight tickets for others but you won’t be able to transfer them directly to someone else. Hence, you’ll need to book the flight tickets on your own and let the other individual enjoy the trip.

Also, if you make a special request on the airline to transfer your miles, then you’ll have to pay the extra fee that’ll depend upon the number of tickets, booking details, routes, destinations, etc. Hence, if you are looking for information on how to use United Airlines miles to book a flight for someone else, then here’ what you need to know.

Important Points To Before You Book A Flight For Someone Else On United

  • On United Airlines, any miles that are transferred from one account to another do not count for elite status holders.
  • If you wish to transfer your miles to another individual, then you’ll need to first contact the airline’s customer services and discuss with the United Airlines live experts.
  • United Airlines lets you Purchase Flight Ticket For Someone Else as in Award Ticket via using your own miles, and the airline also offers you multiple options to book flight tickets. However, the airline charges $35 per 1000 miles, and offers a 40% bonus for every purchase for flight tickets between $175 for every 5000 miles, $875 for every 25,000. Besides, the passengers will also receive an 85% bonus for miles 30,000 ($1,050) –94,000 ($3,290) on United Airlines.
  • Passengers can also purchase up to 175,000 miles per account and per calendar year on United Airlines. However, such miles do not count towards the MileagePlus status on the airline.
  • Also, it costs around $70 for 2,000 and $6,125 for 175,000 miles for passengers thinking to gift them to other passengers.

How To Purchase Flight For Someone Else? United Airlines

One can easily purchase their United Airlines flight tickets for someone else like parents, children, or anyone else. Besides, booking United Airlines flight tickets for someone else is as easy as booking them for yourselves. Here’s how.

  • At first, visit the official homepage of united Airlines, then either get access to your Mileage plus account, or scroll to the fare search section.
  • Enter the booking details such as departure and destination airports, then select the travel dates followed by choosing the number of passengers.
  • Hereafter, get info on the available fares, then choose the best ones, and then continue to enter the passenger’s info on the next page.
  • Finally, follow the onscreen instructions to make payments through your earned miles and confirm the bookings for another passenger.

Can I use my points to book a flight for someone else United?

A person can book a United flight for another individual using their United Loyalty points. This can be done by following the usual procedure of booking a flight through the United Airlines official website. However, one will have to enter the details about the concerned individual while booking the reservation. The payments can then be made using the stored miles or points to confirm the reservation. This is how one can book a United flight reservation using travel points or miles for any other person.

How many united miles do I need for a free trip?

If you wish to travel for free with United airlines for a trip to international destinations, then you must have 10000 plus miles within your account, and then you can book a flight ticket for free, which would be much more convenient and helpful. Moreover, the passengers must consider United miles for free, which is directly proportional to the determined distance the passenger travels. In addition, flights that are traveled less than 700 miles in the distance only require 10000 award miles, and flights that are longer than 700 miles cost at least 12500 miles accordingly.

  • United Airlines offers unique benefits and perks to its customers who have stored enough travel miles or points under their loyalty program. 
  • These benefits range from having special upgrades to booking free reservations, which can be for domestic or international flights.
  • The number of miles one has to accumulate to get a free United flight depends on the flight class, route, and destination one is aiming to get.
  • The United award chart was used earlier to get a good idea of how many United miles could be used to book a flight. However, the airline has stopped publishing the award chart.

Can United miles be transferred to partner airlines?

United Airlines is part of the Star Alliance, and one of the features of the alliance is that a United loyalist can use his stored United Airlines miles to book a flight on any of the partner airlines. However, it should be understood that the miles cannot be transferred from United to its partner airlines. One can use United miles to book a flight directly on its partner airline’s website. The option of a miles transfer would have allowed one to pool the loyalty points of various flight companies together to make a sufficient balance of travel points and miles; hence, this isn’t an option that the alliance partners provide. However, suppose you cannot understand whether the transfer of miles is permissible or not. In that case, you can contact United Airlines' reservation or customer service team expert to get immediate guidance.

How to use United miles to book a flight?

Now, suppose you are looking for the purpose of booking a flight ticket on United airlines with the help of using miles; then, in that particular case. In that case, you can go by the following section, and you will get the correct information that will help you to get by quite phenomenally.

  • One can get on the United Airlines official website to book a flight using United Miles.
  • Click on the “Book” tab and hit the “Book with miles” checkbox to look for a suitable flight option.
  • Choose the type of trip among the Multi-city, round trip, or a one-way trip to begin the search.
  • Fill in the other flight search parameters like the flight date, time, origin, and destination, along with the passenger details like the number of passengers in the travel party.
  • One can use the “Advanced search” option at the bottom of this tab to open a more specific search toolbox to look for a United flight.
  • Next, click on search once all the parameters have been stated, and the website will load the available flight options.
  • Choose the flying option that seems most suitable and start by selecting the seats on the flight if one wants to do so according to their choice.
  • If the seats are not selected, United will assign random seats to each passenger.
  • Continue, and then fill in the details of each of the passengers one at a time and add the desired services for each person.
  • Keep repeating the process for every passenger, and then continue reaching the payments page.
  • One can select the payment mode like cash, miles, or a mix of both. One can choose the Miles to be used as payments, and if the miles fall a little short, then a combination of cash can be added to get the reservation.
  • The booking will be confirmed upon successfully processing the charges, and an email notifying the same will be obtained on the email address linked to the flight ticket.

Can I use my united points for someone else?

Yes, United Airlines passengers can always use their earned United MileagePlus miles to book an award flight for anyone else hassle-free. The procedure to book the ticket for someone else is the same in case you are purchasing the award ticket, but note that you must have to know another traveler's complete contact details such as full name, date of birth, and other relevant information which directly depend upon origin or destination or you consult for this query with a customer care assistant and get appropriate help.

United Live Representatives

Moreover, you could also use the combination of your earned miles and cash to Book A Flight For Someone Else On United, and ensure better plans. However, if you wish to know more about the same, then contact the airline’s customer services and get better info from the United live experts.

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