How Much To Pay For Excess Baggage In Emirates Airlines

Go through following to know about that you need to pay for excess baggage in Emirates Airlines!

Emirates Airlines is among the top -notch airlines of the world. When you need to make booking for your destination, the first and foremost thing that strikes your mind is the baggage policy and if you need to pay for more and if you are puzzled with the query how much to pay for excess baggage in Emirates Airlines, then, you must be acquainted with the fact that baggage allowance varies depending upon route, fare type, class of travel and it depends even if you have the Emirates Skywards membership tier. So, when you need to travel with the extra bag, you can check the baggage allowance on Baggage Allowance Calculator that is given on Emirates Airlines website.

Imagine you are overpassing the prescribed baggage limits of Emirates. Now, the concern comes with whether there is any charge, whether Emirates is strict in terms of baggage weight limits, etc. So, to know each of its aspects, you need to take a careful look at the discussion below; please have a look:

Does Emirates allow excess baggage?

Many passengers often search for Emirates' allowance for excess baggage. So, to know about the same, you have to take a careful look at the points given below:

  • Yes, Emirates allows excess baggage to be carried onboard. 
  • But for that, one has to purchase additional baggage services from the airline. 
  • You can get them in blocks of 5KG. (Maximum up to 50 kg). 

Is Emirates strict with weight?

There are conditions when one extends the baggage weights and wonders whether Emirates is strict with the weight of baggage. So, in the following tabs, there is an answer to the concerned query; please take a look at them;

  • If you exceed the baggage weight, the airline will indeed impose certain charges that you have to incur. 

How strict is Emirates with baggage weight?

Through the following points, you can find the crux of Emirates being strict with baggage weight. So, take a careful look at the points given below:

  • If you exceed the baggage in terms of weight and size, extra charges can also be imposed. 
  • As per the rules, you are permitted to check in many bags but have to be within the baggage limitations. 
  • Each bag is permitted to maintain a weight of 32 KG. 

How much do Emirates charge for extra weight?

Passengers often look forward to knowing the charges imposed by Emirates for exceeding the weights, or they also wonder about the charges for buying some extra weights. So, for that, you are advised to read the points; 

  • If you travel from/to the Middle East/South Asia, the cost begins from USD 25 and can go up to USD 50. (Based on per KG). 
  • Flights from/To Europe will cost you from USD 25 and can go up to USD 50. 
  • Far East flights (from/to) can cost you between USD 20 and maximum it can reach USD 30. 
  • For flights from/to Australia and New Zealand, the charges begin at USD 15 and can go up to USD 40. 

NOTE: These charges are based on per Kilogram of bag weight. They are subject to change; hence, you are advised to get in touch with the representative to get the updates.

The procedure to check baggage allowance is as follows:

  • On the search bar of your search engine type “ baggage allowance calculator of Emirates Airlines.
  • Click on the official link of Emirates Airlines.You can identify the official link very Easily, it has emirates as the URL and lucidly displays Baggage Allowance Calculator.
  • Clicking on the link takes you to the Baggage Allowance Calculator page.
  • You can check your allowance by entering departure city, arrival city, class of travel if you have taken membership tier, then, enter Membership tier in the respective   Field and if are not a member of Emirates Airlines, you need to enter Not a Member.
  • Click on Search option.
  • When you click on the Search button, the next page shows the baggage allowance and also the price for the extra baggage weight that you will carry.
  • There is also a button Buy Now that you can see under the option Purchase additional baggage allowance which lets you buy the baggages and you can also calculate the excess baggage rates now.
  • Underneath the Buy Now button, another button Calculate your excess baggage rates now Is given.
  • You can calculates excess baggage rates at the airports or Emirates Offices.
  • Enter number of bags to be checked in the column Select the number of baggage items.
  • Click on Calculate button.
  • You can calculate Buy Now and know about how much to pay for excess baggage in Emirates Airlines.
  • On the next page, you need to enter Last Name and Booking Reference and click on Retrieve Booking.

How do I pay extra weight on Emirates?

There are different methods through which you can pay for extra weight on Emirates, and the related points are described below; 

  • Pay while checking in— You can make payments for extra weight at the airport while checking in. 
  • Online Payment— You can also incur a fee to purchase extra weight on Emirates via the Manage My Booking tab. 

NOTE: If you incur your fee at the check-in, you will have to incur additional charges, while for the online transaction, you can get a discount. 

If you need assistance from the customer care experts, you can contact the Emirates Airlines customer care team. You can contact the customer care team whenever required as they are available round the clock

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