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Go through following to know about that you need to pay for excess baggage in Emirates Airlines!

Emirates Airlines is among the top -notch airlines of the world. When you need to make booking for your destination, the first and foremost thing that strikes your mind is the baggage policy and if you need to pay for more and if you are puzzled with the query how much to pay for excess baggage in Emirates Airlines, then, you must be acquainted with the fact that baggage allowance varies depending upon route, fare type, class of travel and it depends even if you have the Emirates Skywards membership tier. So, when you need to travel with the extra bag, you can check the baggage allowance on Baggage Allowance Calculator that is given on Emirates Airlines website.

The procedure to check baggage allowance is as follows:

  • On the search bar of your search engine type “ baggage allowance calculator of Emirates Airlines.
  • Click on the official link of Emirates Airlines.You can identify the official link very Easily, it has emirates as the URL and lucidly displays Baggage Allowance Calculator.
  • Clicking on the link takes you to the Baggage Allowance Calculator page.
  • You can check your allowance by entering departure city, arrival city, class of travel if you have taken membership tier, then, enter Membership tier in the respective   Field and if are not a member of Emirates Airlines, you need to enter Not a Member.
  • Click on Search option.
  • When you click on the Search button, the next page shows the baggage allowance and also the price for the extra baggage weight that you will carry.
  • There is also a button Buy Now that you can see under the option Purchase additional baggage allowance which lets you buy the baggages and you can also calculate the excess baggage rates now.
  • Underneath the Buy Now button, another button Calculate your excess baggage rates now Is given.
  • You can calculates excess baggage rates at the airports or Emirates Offices.
  • Enter number of bags to be checked in the column Select the number of baggage items.
  • Click on Calculate button.
  • You can calculate Buy Now and know about how much to pay for excess baggage in Emirates Airlines.
  • On the next page, you need to enter Last Name and Booking Reference and click on Retrieve Booking.

If you need assistance from the customer care experts, you can contact the Emirates Airlines customer care team. You can contact the customer care team whenever required as they are available round the clock

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