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Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada and covers more than 200 destinations. It is headquartered in Montreal and there are three major hubs including Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver. However in many situations, one has to cancel the ticket, but they are not aware of the policies and the fee. 

 If you have canceled the ticket or planning to drop the idea of traveling then you should know about the cancellation fee and Air Canada cancellation policy. We have covered everything about cancellation below.  

What Is Air Canada Cancellation Fee

It is not mandatory that cancellation charges are the same every time. There are so many factors on which it depends. 

  • Cancellation charges rely on the type of ticket you have 
  • If you are traveling in Canada or from Canada to the United States, charges rely on the travel class 

For business flexible and premium economy, you will get the full refund with zero cancellation fees

For the lowest business class and lowest premium economy, you will not receive any kind of refund as well as there will be no cancellation charges. And might credit for the future travel

  • For an international trip, cancellation charges depend on the itinerary and the class 

Now, you can see in which category you fall, and how much cancellation charges you have to bear. There is some policy too that will decide the cancellation fee. 

What Is Air Canada Cancellation Policy

It is vital to understand Air Canada cancellation policy. There are certain points that you have to follow and might help you to avoid any cancellation charges.

  • You can cancel the ticket 24 hours of purchasing 
  • If you have booked the ticket online and have a premium class then you are eligible to cancel the ticket 2 hours before the departure 
  • Last-minute cancellations are not allowed. If you do not board the flight and that too without letting the airline then it will automatically cancel. In this case, you do not have to pay an additional fee, but you cannot apply for the refund 
  • Both group and individuals booking are allowed to cancel online. All you need to provide basic information, like reservation ID and last name. You can cancel the tickets offline too, but it may induce some charge 
  • If you have met with any cancellation fee, you can make the payment online 

Air Canada Support

This is the Air Canada cancellation policy and if you still have queries, then Air Canada live support team is with you. It is available all day, and you can get the contact details on their official website. Select one that seems suitable to you.

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