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How Do I Change My Flight on FlySafair?

FlySafair Airlines is the flag carrier of South Africa, headquartered in Kempton Park. If you wish to change passenger name and ask can I change My Flight on FlySafairgo through the relevant guidance provided by the customer service team. You need to ask your question and get the answer to resolve your concern and get secure help at a particular time.

Safair allows passengers to make the desired changes to their flights for free if the changes are processed within 24 hours of the initial flight booking. If you want to change your flight booking online after the 24-hour window, you need to pay almost R300 if the changes are processed online using the official website. However, people need to pay R400 for offline changes. Also, the changes to your flight bookings depend on the change date from the actual departure date of your flight. The flight type also influences the overall change fee. This practically answers How much does it cost to change a Safair flight?

People can connect with the customer support representatives at Safair to get help with their flight changes as multiple ways are available to find help at Safair for flight bookings and reservations. 

Can I Reschedule my SafAir flight For Free?

One can proceed with Safair flights rescheduling by visiting the official website and this can be done for free if they are able to make the desired changes within 24 hours of the initial reservation. People can change their flights online or offline depending on their choice. You can communicate with the customer service agents at Safair in order to reschedule your flight. However, if you opt for offline flight rescheduling for your flight, you need to pay some extra charge as the processing charge is collected by the airline.

How Do I Reschedule my FlySafair Flight?

One can stick to the below-mentioned steps in order to reschedule their FlySafair reservation online. 

  • First and foremost, navigate to the official website of Safair and you need to select the Manage booking option on the homepage. 
  • Enter your trip details where prompted. Mention your booking reservation number or PNR along with your last name and hit the submit option. 
  • People can also log in to their FlySafair account to proceed with the online changes to their flights. 
  • Next, select the flight you wish to reschedule, move ahead and select the flight change option available on the page. 
  • People need to select the flight to reschedule option from the drop-down list appearing on the page. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and you will be able to reschedule your flight successfully. 
  • Complete the payment if applicable. Receive a confirmation email o your email address and also get a new e-ticket for your rescheduled flight booking at Safair. 

What is the Safair Flight Change Policy? 

One can follow the Safair flight change policy to have a smooth experience with flight changes. One needs to stick to the Safair flight change policy to proceed with flight change. The inclusions of the Safair flight change policy are as follows:

  • Flight changes are available online and one can change their flights for free within 24 hours of their initial booking at Safair. 
  • Flight change is available up to 4 hours before the flight's scheduled departure date or time. 
  • A flight change penalty is applicable on Safair flights. Also, passengers need to pay the fare difference to the airline if applicable. 
  • A flight change processing fee of R 145 is applicable on flight bookings changed via Call Centre at FlySafair.

Can I Change my Safair Ticket Date?

Travelers can make the desired changes to their Safair flight bookings. One can change the ticket date on their flight. This can be done up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure date of your flight. Changes to your flights are easily available online using the flight date change option accessible via the flight change option on the website. Here is a step-by-step guide in order to change the Safair ticket date:

  • First and foremost, people need to visit the official Safair website to access the Safair flight change option for flight changes. 
  • Next, passengers need to select the My Bookings option on the homepage. 
  • You need to enter your details such as your flight booking number or PNR along with your last name. 
  • Next, people need to select the Flight change option to further access multiple options for changing their flight reservation. 
  • People need to select the ticket date option. Select the travel dates from the available options on the search page.
  • Proceed with the payment for flight change if applicable and receive a new e-confirmation for your flight booking.

How to Change Seats on FlysafAir?

If you made the booking with FlySafair and chose your seats at the time of booking now t you need to change the seat because of your kids, then don't worry because you can change your seat by yourself through the official website of FlySafair. Still, for this, you have to pay some of the charges to change your seats. FlySafair has the customer care service, too, through which you connect to the airline and resolve your query. To change the seat in FlySafair, you have read the methods written below.

Through official website

You can change your seats by yourself from the official website of the airline; for that, you can read the steps written below.

  • Hit the official website of the airline and sign in with your account details and make sure you sign in with the FlySafair account, which was used at the time of booking.
  • If you don't have the account, you can also use the ticket reference number and the last name.
  • Then go to the "Manage my Booking" option there, you will see your ticket, and if you don't have the account, you can fill in the ticket reference number with the last name, and then you will see your ticket.
  • After clicking on your ticket, you can see your ticket. There are several options on the top of the screen; you have to look for the seat change option. 
  • Click on that, then you can select the seat from the seat map, and once it's done. You can tap on the continue button.
  • Then you will get to the payment page then you have to make the payment.
  • If it shows to pay, you only have to pay for the seat change. And once your payment is made, you will receive a confirmation from the airline's end on your registered email address and phone number on which your seat number is also mentioned.
  • You can also see your new seat number on the "Manage my Booking" option.

Through customer support

If you face any difficulties in doing it through the website, then you can connect to the customer support team so they can help you with this. For that, you have to go to the official website of the airline and then go to the "Contact Us" section. You will find multiple options to get through the airline in easy steps. Follow the steps carefully and connect to the airline support team.

How To Change Flight Time FlySafair?

If you need to change the time of the flight with FlySafair, then you have to change the flight because the flight time will not change for an individual; then, for that, you can go through the online process of the airline.

Through Official Website

To change your flight with FlySafair, you need to get through the official website of the airline. Read the steps carefully.

  • Hit the official website of the airline and then go to the manage my booking option.
  • There you will see your ticket; click on it. And then select the option of changing my flight.
  • And then fill the details with the new date.
  • Once done, submit it and make the payment; your flight gets changed after that.
  • You will also receive a confirmation mail and text message.

Can I change passenger name on FlySafair flight?

When you complete your booking with FlySafair Airlines, it will allow you to manage your booking to modify your flight and acquire a proper flight journey at your required time in a decent manner. Likewise, when you wish to change the passenger name after noticing the wrong name of the passenger on a FlySafair fight, you can modify the name within 24 hours before flight departure and avoid unnecessary charges. If you wish to know the relevant tips to change a passenger’s name on a FlySafair flight, go through the directions the customer representative team provides securely.

  • When you check that your name is not correct, and its spelling is wrong, you are allowed to correct at least three spellings mistake quickly.
  • You can change the passenger's surname and show the relevant document to modify your name on the booking site.
  • FlySafair does not allow you to change your name for security reasons, and you can change the passenger's name as per the original ticket you need to cancel.
  • You must contact the customer representative team and request him to change your name and get a fresh booking with the new name of the passenger on your booking quickly.

How do I change my FlySafair Traveller name?

If you are willing to change the name of travel and looking for a solution, you are always free to connect with a live person who will assist you properly. Hence, if you wish to check the relevant tips to change the traveler's name, get complete guidance from the customer representative team available to assist you at a particular time.

  • First, visit the booking website and click the log-in button to access your booking account.
  • Go to the manage booking and enter the certain reservation number and last name of the passenger.
  • Check with the flight booking details and select the modification tab and click the name change section.
  • You can correct the spelling mistake and change your name by clicking on the edit button,
  • For a complete name change, contact the customer service team is available to assist you instantly.
  • How much does it cost to FlySafair change a name on a plane ticket?
  • When you wish to change the traveler name on a plane ticket of FlySafair Airlines, you have to pay at least $300 per passenger.

FlySafair change flight to voucher:

When you need to change your flight ticket, you can use a voucher instead of paying in cash or using a debit or credit card. Also, if you don’t want to travel at a specific time, cancel your flight, which is under the flight change process. For additional help regarding flight change, connect with a live person who is free to assist you soon.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose you missed your flight because of the airline's delay in giving a boarding pass or the long queues. In that case, the airline will provide you with the compensation or the seats on their next flight to your destination, and if you reach late at the airport, the airline will not provide any compensation. 

If you change your flight with FlySafair, you have to make the change charges for the confirmation, and the charges for the domestic flight are at least $75, and for the international flight, the charges are at least $200. It can vary according to your date of travel and the travel class. 

Yes, you can change flights for free, but you have to make the changes within 24 hours of booking. If you do so, you can easily change your flight date.

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