How I Redeem Aeroflot Airlines Voucher

How Would I Redeem the Aeroflot Airlines Voucher?

Since 1999, Aeroflot has worked on an advantaged program to compensate travelers who consistently use the well-known Russian air transporter. Until this point, the quantity of members' bonus programs surpassed one and a half million individuals. Additionally, a specific piece of the members are residents of foreign states.

The bonus program includes the accumulation of miles on an individual record, which can later be traded for specific services or buys.

In this blog, we will be going to have a look at what Aeroflot extra miles are, how to gather them after the flight, and how to collect, use, and redeem them.

The e-Voucher is an electronic document confirming the commitment of PJSC "Aeroflot" to offer types of assistance to the traveler for the sum relating to the e-Voucher esteem or to discount the sum paid for new transportation or services in the way and inside the terms endorsed by Decree of the Government. So first, let's look at the details of how I redeem the Aeroflot airlines voucher. You need to follow some rules and regulations before redeeming the coupons.

Aeroflot Award Redemption Rules

  • One quirk about the redemption Aeroflot Bonus Miles is that you need to keep a weird arrangement of guidelines. 
  • You can redeem Aeroflot Bonus miles for grant flights if you've had a paid Aeroflot ticket credited to your mileage account inside the beyond two years.
  • You can book one-way or full circle flights using Aeroflot Bonus miles, and a one-way flight is half of a full circle flight using miles.
  • If you choose to change your Aeroflot Bonus booking, the cost you'll pay will rely upon how far out you're attempting to adjust your booking and how much you're awarded ticket costs in miles.
  • Your honor miles should be redeposited in no less than 30 days of paying the wiping out charge.

Redemption process of the Aeroflot

Individuals can redeem the vouchers online while receiving another flight booking before finishing the payment for that booking. Follow the means references to redeem the coupons.

  • Go to the official site of Aeroflot and select the traveling flight. 
  • Then, enter the details and select other extra assistance to need to add. 
  • Then, enter the 13-digit voucher number at the allocated place. 
  • Now, click on the submit the vouchers, and the voucher's worth will get deducted from your total cost of the booking. 
  • Later, if you want to redeem your vouchers against any charges while changing the existing booking, you can also do that. So that's how you can redeem the vouchers. 

How long are Aeroflot vouchers good for?

E-vouchers are valid for a considerable length of time and can be recovered against quite a few tickets and services while booking using Aeroflot's contact the department or the Airlines. If you have a query "How long are Aeroflot vouchers good for" let us tell you that the Aeroflot vouchers are only good for three years, so use them before they expire.

How long is a flight voucher valid for?

E-Voucher Validity Term

E-Vouchers for transportation payment will be valid in the span of a long time from the takeoff date on the main unused section in the ticket. An e-Voucher won't be acknowledged for payment for air transportation after its expiry date.

Vouchers may be used during their legitimacy period:

To understand the details about "How long is flight voucher valid for" follow the details underneath. 

  • Platinum voucher validity period - during the Platinum level participation period, vouchers can be used whenever after the ticket is given;
  • Gift voucher validity period - a half year from the date of issue; vouchers may not be used sooner than 24 hours before takeoff.

How to use Aeroflot E-Voucher

To understand the details about the query: "How to use Aeroflot E-Voucher," follow the Rules given underneath. 

Aeroflot E-Voucher Use Rules

  • E-vouchers can be used to book flight tickets and the services on Aeroflot's site, the contact center, or the deals workplace. E-vouchers can not be used while booking flight tickets and the services through the specialist's organizations. 
  • An e-Voucher can be used by the traveler whose name it was given to give Aeroflot PJSC tickets for travelers booked at any passage (counting tickets booked utilizing Aeroflot Bonus miles) or administrations given to the traveler. The traveler whose name the voucher has been given should be available in the booking.
  • To use the list demonstrated in the voucher, you should enter the coupon on the Voucher tab of the home page while choosing the route. 
  • You can't use the e-vouchers to pay for inn reservations or vehicle rentals.
  • You can use an e-Voucher to pay for at least one ticket or administration, given that the all-out cost of these tickets and service doesn't surpass the worth of the e-Voucher.
  • You can use an e-Voucher to cover duties and administration expenses while giving the Aeroflot Bonus dependability program an honor ticket.
  • Youngsters under 12 can get tickets with an e-Voucher through Aeroflot's Contact Center or deals workplaces.
  •  If cash is more on the voucher used to adjust the payment, the refund demonstrated is held.
  • Because of technical constraints, e-Vouchers can't be used to pay the distinction in esteem while trading tickets or to play along with Virtual Gift Certificates.


For more information about your Aeroflot E-vouchers and the Aeroflot voucher validity, you can contact the Aeroflot customer service department and them your doubt you might be having. You need to dial the contact number to speak to them any time of the day. 

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