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Being a major airline of the United Arab Emirates, Emirates is known to leverage its services in many destinations when considered worldwide. From providing flexible booking services to making your troubles go away in seconds with its amazing customer service. The customer service team of Emirates is always ready with their unique and best-fitting list of solutions to help you out efficiently. No matter what problem you face and when you face it, you can get an Emirates live person to hear you out immediately. Further in the article, you can find the methods of raising your query if you need to clear any travel-related obstacles.

Have you recently made a reservation with Emirates, and you could not figure out a certain process, and you would like to contact the customer service Emirates? You don't have to worry. There are several methods offered by Emirates, such as live chat, phone calls, email and also social media. Whenever you are in need, you can contact the airlines immediately and get your issues solved.

Can I make Call on Emirates

Yes, you can make a call to the customer service of Emirates. Customer service is available 24/7, and hence you can make a call anytime around the world. Suppose you prefer to call Emirates. You can use the easy steps that are provided below.

  • You can easily find the customer service number on the official page of Emirates.

  • Call the customer service number 1(800) 777-3999 from your mobile phone.

  • You will hear the automated voice. Pay attention to the instructions and press the numbers accordingly.

    • Press 1 to make a reservation on Emirates.

    • Press 2 to cancel your reservation.

    • Press 3 to get a refund.

    • Press 9 to talk to an agent of Emirates.

  • Once an agent is assigned to you, you can explain your concerns and get the possible answers.

How do I talk to Emirates

You want to book your next flight in the Emirates. But facing some technical issues and urgently need to connect the Emirates airlines. Now you are searching the ways to reach the airline because that is the only possibility to resolve your issues. If you can visit the airline help desk is all well and good. However, not everyone can reach them in person for various reasons, such as limited-time or discount validity issues. So that passenger can deal with these kinds of troubles, Emirates airlines offers numerous ways to reach them. Does Emirates have a chat option? Find out whether they can be contacted via a live chat or other alternatives to get in touch with the live representative at Emirates.

How do I Talk to a live person on Emirates?

In case of your flight delay or any other concern you have, you can contact customer support via call, or you can also use the live chat option. If in case you cannot connect with a live person or if you are on hold for a long time, you can use the live chat option. Here are the steps:

  • You will have to look for the official page of Emirates on the browser.
  • When you open the official webpage, you will be able to see various options on the dashboard.
  • Click on the help and contact option on the following page. You can live chat in bold letters.
  • Click on the start live chat option.
  • The chat portal will be created, and you need to give the details of your concern.
  • It might take 2 to 3 minutes to get in touch with the live chat agent, and once you are assigned, you can explain your issues and get them solved.

Methods To Contact Emirates Live Person

Emirates cares about the needs and requirements of its passengers, which is why the airline has served several contact options. You can choose any of the mentioned contact methods and get someone from Emirates to resolve your query in real-time.

Contact via number

How do I speak to someone at Emirates? Stillthe contact number is considered the most personal mode to reach the airlines. If you want to connect via number, follow these steps:

  • Dial the contact number 1 800 777 3999.
  • Press1 to reserve a flight.
  • Press2 to inquire about refund-related issues.
  • Press3 to change a flight/seat/name.
  • Press4 to sort out the problems related to the baggage services.
  • Press# to talk with a live representative.

If you cannot reach the airline due to long wait times and your flight is after 48 hours, it is suggested to call after some time.

Emirates Live chat

Do Emirates have a chat option? Indeed, Emirates offers a chat service to passengers. You can start a chat session with Emirates for urgent help and support. Follow the steps to reach the airline chat support:

  • Visit
  • Click on the “Start Chat” available on the right side of your screen.
  • Enter the details, such as first name and email.
  • Select start chat.

In case your chat option doesn’t appear, this means virtual assistance is busy with a large number of passengers. You have a flight in a few hours, so it is suggested to call Emirates.

Connect via WhatsApp

Can I call Emirates on WhatsApp? Yes, Emirates, an airline, offers WhatsApp services to connect live representatives. Your contact number is 600-54-0000 to reach round the clock, seven days a week.

Connect via Social Media

Emirates Airlines allows passengers to connect via social media. This permits you to send text where you can use audio and video to explain your issues. Follow the instructions shared below that will help you to connect via social platforms:

  • Go to
  • Scroll down to the option available for the Facebook official page.
  • Click “Facebook support.”
  • After clicking, you will be on the Emirates Facebook page.

Now, you can send a message or post your message. The airline will respond to you sooner. Follow the same process for the Twitter official page; click Twitter support instead of Facebook Support.


  • On the contact page of Emirates, you can get the email address to get through the airline's customer service.
  • You need to open your email service application, copy the Emirates email address in the “To” field of the email.
  • Now enter the trouble you might be facing, attach relatable documents including your flight details, provide contact information, and send it to receive assistance via email.

Facebook Official Website 

  • You can take customer support from Emirates using their social media platforms as well.
  • Emirates' Facebook customer support team is always online to hear out your queries and provide impeccable solutions that suit your situation best.
  • Click on the Facebook Support link given on the contact page, and you will be able to message the social media customer representative of Emirates directly.

Twitter Official Website

  • If you use Twitter, then Emirates stores good news for you with its Twitter support page.
  • Click on the link to get redirected to the Twitter support account of the airline.
  • There, you can directly message your queries, concerns, or complaints; also, you can mention your problems in the comment section by tagging the Emirates Twitter handle.

Does Emirates have an email address?

Yes, emirates have email support. You can use to contact the representative. It might take 2 to 3 days to get a response from the live agent, but depending on the urgency of your request, you will get a reply.

How can I talk to Emirates Customer Service?

You can use the above methods, the live chat, email, and the customer service number, to talk to Emirates customer support. Or you can also use the social media option to connect with emirates. If you wish to contact through social media, you can use the below links, or you can also send a direct message.

If you have any doubts regarding the contact methods, you can also go through the official webpage of Emirates for more information, or you can also get in touch at the airport.

Emirates Customer Service

From the moment they book a ticket, a traveler can get an Emirates live person anytime they are stuck in a troubling situation. So, if you wish to lead on an untroubled journey to your preferred destination, you should book a ticket with Emirates! 

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