How Do I Contact TAP Portugal Customer Service

Planning to travel on TAP Air Portugal? But is it your first time on the airline? Well, then you might be thinking to talk to its customer service live person to get info about the airline’s services to travel policies, reservations, and much more. However, TAP Portugal has also got one of the best and dedicated customer services teams among other aviation companies. Besides, the airline has been operating its customer services facilities in more than 90 destinations across 34 countries. 

Hence, if you have been thinking of Contact TAP Portugal Customer Service live person instantly, and also wish to know about how they can assist you with your travel plans, their benefits, and other useful info, then here’s what you need to know.

How The Live Experts At TAP Portugal Customer Services Can Help You

The 24/7 available experts at TAP Portugal can help you with the following aspects of your travel plans within real-time, and ensure that you would have a great travel experience on the airline. 

  • Reservations & Bookings
  • Travel Policies 
  • Manage Booking 
  • Deals and offers, vacation packages, discounts, etc.
  • Flight cancellations and reservations change
  • Flight status
  • Group travel
  • Any assistance on your booking itinerary. 
  • Other queries.

Benefits Of Contacting Live Person At TAP Portugal Customer Services

  • 24/7 availability
  • Real-time help is provided on any type of TAP Portugal services.
  • 100% assurance on your travel plans. 
  • Quick solutions are delivered with complete reliability. 

Talk To The Live Customer Services Experts On TAP Portugal: Quick Contact Options

Via Call Support

One can reach out to the live experts on the TAP Portugal Customer Service without any long waiting hours through the airline’s phone number. Besides, the 24/7 available number also lets you talk to the experts thoroughly regarding any travel and booking-related query. Hence, if you wish to get real-time help, 100% assurance and satisfaction on your travel plans, and avoid any last-minute hassle, then opt for the call support option. 

Via TAP Live Chat

The live chat feature on TAP Portugal customer support will also let you connect with the live experts within the current time. Besides, you can get quick help from the experts on your flight status, flight cancellations & change, group travel, baggage, etc. Also, the turnaround time is pretty quick and you can get reliable support from experts on your bookings. 

Via Social Media

The social media handles of TAP Portugal will also help you connect with the live executives through its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter handles. Besides, you can get through the via DMs, wall-posts, comments, etc. within no time. 

Furthermore, if you wish to Contact TAP Portugal Customer Service experts instantly and get quick help, then it is suggested to opt for the phone support option due to the quick convenience, and real-time assistance.

TAP Portugal FAQ:

I need to catch a connecting flight. Would I have enough time to move between planes?

All of the connections between flights have an approximate minimum time that guarantees seamless transition.

When you make a reservation, your connection time is already assured.

May I use my E-Passport at which airports?

Electronic border control devices are now available at the main Portuguese airports for all European Union people aged 18 and up who have an electronic passport (Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Funchal and Ponta Delgada).

What is Premium Boarding, and how does it work?

The most comfortable and quickest way to board a TAP flight is by Premium Boarding. Priority boarding is provided to you on long-haul TAP flights departing from Lisbon airport.

To get more information contact  TAP Portugal Customer Service.

Who is eligible for Premium Boarding?

Premium boarding is only available to the following passengers:

Traveling on a TAP-operated flight in tap plus or tap executive class;

Those that have:

  • Cards in the Victoria or Silver Gold series;

  • TAP Business Card;

  • Traveling on a TAP-operated flight with a Star Alliance Gold card. 

In Economy or Executive Class, what kind of entertainment is available?

  • Our Neo fleet already has an Audio and Video On Demand scheme, which includes: a library of more than 100 films;

  • 50 hours of TV series and documentaries from Portugal, Brazil, and other countries;

  • 10 games (some of which are multiplayer, allowing you to play with other passengers on the flight);

  • Over 1000 songs and audiobooks to choose from, with the option to build your own playlist to listen to on the plane;

  • TAP has a total of 12 radio stations.

  • TAP and its destinations are described in detail.

Is it permissible for me to bring electronic devices on board?

Yes, indeed. TAP makes the use of portable electronic devices (PEDs) during the flight if they are set to "flight mode" or an identical profile with wireless and Bluetooth disabled.

During your ride, you should follow the following rules:

  • It is permissible to use mobile phones and other transmitting PEDs before the aircraft doors are locked.

  • Laptops and heavier PEDs must be adequately stored in overhead lockers during take-off and landing.

  • PEDs must be turned off when mounted on overhead lockers or if requested by the crew. 

Is it possible for me to order a special meal on board?

Yes, indeed.

  • Baby, children's, and diabetic meals;

  • Meals that are lactose and gluten-free;

  • Low-calorie and low-salt options are available;

  • Meals for vegetarians;

  • Hindu, kosher, and halal options are available.

  • Dishes consisting solely of fruit or seafood.

For which flights do you get a comfort kit?

New comfort kits are available on tap executive. Recyclable and collectible, with paintings by well-known Portuguese, Brazilian, and African artists. The kit includes objects made entirely of natural materials.

What do I do when I arrive at the airport?

When leaving Portugal, go to the airport's electronic terminal (kiosk) in the Customs area and check-in with:

  • The identification card you used to make the purchase;

  • A boarding document (such as a boarding card) is required.

  • Until it is received;

  • The products, as well as the invoices that go with them.

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