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How Do I Check my Ticket on Jazeera Airways?

Being happy with Jazeera’s products and services, supposedly you have made the bookings with the airways. But now you have not got the confirmation of your tickets, and you want to check about the same. Sit relaxed, as the process has been made easier for you. The airlines have made the confirmation process more accessible and more understandable. To check the confirmation, you can go to the email, find the booking itineraries and search if your booking is confirmed.   

How can I check if the Jazeera flight ticket is confirmed?

The confirmation of your flight ticket can be obtained in many ways. You can go to the official website, check the confirmation, and contact customer service by calling, chatting, emailing, etc., and check the confirmation of your flight ticket. You may even refer to the email you must have received at your registered email address. The email will show the status of the booked ticket. If it is not a confirmed ticket, you can choose to call customer service at 00 965 2205 4944 to get your ticket details.     

How long does it take to get a Jazeera flight confirmation email?

After successfully purchasing a flight ticket, the airlines send the confirmation via email and SMS to your registered email address and phone number within a few hours. In general, it doesn’t even take more than fifteen minutes. But, at times, due to any technical or network issues, it may take at least 24 hours for the airlines to send you the confirmation email of your ticket. The airline tries to get your problems solved within the latest possible time; if you have any issues regarding email confirmation, you can contact the customer support team of Jazeera Airways.    

How Can I Check my Jazeera Ticket Status?

Want to check the Jazeera ticket status but don’t know How I can check my Jazeera ticket status, so you can check it by calling the customer service person. For this, follow the following steps that are cited. Due to this, go to the official page of Jazeera Airways>>> look for the phone call option beneath the Jazeera customer service page>>>

  • Phone Number from the phone Call 00 965 2205 4944
  • Wait till connect with IVR method call carefully catch the under options.
  • Press 1 to change the language.
  • Press 2 to reserve the Jazeera tickets
  • To cancel the flight, press 3
  • Press 4 to get money back from Jazeera Airways
  • Press 5 to change the flight
  • To check the flight status, press 7
  • Press 9 to check ticket status 

Thus, press 9 to check the Jazeera ticket status by calling. Further, you will get all details simply from this method.

Jazeera Airways web check-in

Web checking will open 24 to 48 hours before flying the Jazeera flight.  So, you can easily do your Jazeera Airways web check-in in the simple steps mentioned below. 

  • Navigate Jazeera Airways on your browser
  • Then, tap on the check-in option and enter all the details regarding check-in details and your last name.
  • After that, search for the reserved flight.
  • If you can’t be booked a seat with Jazeera Airways, book seats with that
  • Then, follow all the instructions that are given there
  • After following all instructions, you will receive your boarding pass for flying on the Jazeera flight.

However, check-in is most important. Due to this, you will receive your Jazeera boarding pass, which will help you take the flight.

Jazeera Airways PNR Check

Look for checking your PNR number. By email, you will check it. So, here are the steps for checking the PNR number easily.

  • Open that mail you will receive after confirming your booking with Jazeera Airways. 
  • There you will see the link, tap on it and open it
  • Then, it will be redirected to another page 
  • There you will see your complete reservation details.

Hence, by this, Jazeera Airways PNR check and get all information about the flight.

How can I check Jazeera Airways Reservation Number

Moreover, Jazeera Airways uses the Jazeera Airways reservation number as security to open their flight booking details or make changes if you want. And, further, if you face any issues in taking or login in with the reservation number of Jazeera Airways, take help from the customer service person and resolve the issues you are facing.

In addition, you will take help by contacting on 177 or calling on +965 22282040. So, you will get this number by following the cited steps.

  • Launch the browser of Jazeera Airways
  • Tap on the contact option and take the phone number +965 22282040 and call them 
  • By calling, you will solve your problem regarding check-in and booking references

How can I check my Jazeera flight ticket by PNR number?

To know the process of How Do I Check my Ticket on Jazeera Airways, you can go through the steps mentioned below. The procedures will help you with the best way to check your flight ticket by using the PNR number of the booking as follows: 

  • Get on to the official website of Jazeera Airways
  • Click on the manage booking tab. 
  • Enter the booking reference or PNR number and last name of the passenger. You can get the booking itinerary from the email received at the registered email address. 
  • You will be retrieved to your ticket, and the confirmation status will be available on the same page. 
  • If you feel like making booking or if you want to go ahead with the seat selection process, you can go ahead from this page by choosing the required option. 

How can I check the Jazeera Airways Flight Schedule?

To check your flight schedule, you may follow the following steps: 

  • After reaching the official website of Jazeera Airways, click on the flight status tab, enter the flight's itinerary details and the departure date, and click Submit. 
  • Now, you will receive the flight schedule on the next page. Refer to this for more details. 

If you need details, you can get to visit the official website or contact the customer support team by emailing The team shall get back to you with the required assistance. 

Hence, the above-stated check-in methods and the process of checking tickets at Jazeera Airways will help you get your ticket details. And, further, face any difficulties, by live chatting resolve issues that you are facing. In addition, you will take 24/7 assistance whenever you required them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can easily perform the online check-in with Jazeera Airways. Online check-in will help you to save a lot of time and money. According to Jazeera Airways, check-in policy, one can do online check-in 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure so that passengers can skip the line and save valuable time. If you are thinking about how to do an online check-in with Jazeera Airways, then make sure you follow the procedure mentioned below very carefully.

  • First, search Jazeera Airways on any of the browsers.
  • Click on the first search result, and you will land on the airline's official website.
  • Select the check-in option available at the homepage header on the site's homepage.
  • Enter the booking or reference number and the last of the passenger in the needed blank.
  • A new page will open on the screen with all your reservation details.
  • Choose the reservation you want for early check-in and hit the check-in option.
  • After completing all the processes, you can easily download the eBoarding that can be used at the time of boarding.  

Before using the online method to complete the check-in process, make sure you get the proper knowledge about the check-in policy of Jazeera Airlines.

  • Passengers can do the online check-in only 24 hours before the flight departure.
  • If you want special assistance from the airline in such a case, you must arrive at the airport 3 hours before the check-in time. You have to check in at the airport if you want special assistance. 
  • The airline will not impose any extra fee or penalty on the passengers as a check-in fee. 
  • If you have checked in or hold luggage with you, you must reach two hours before the departure time to make the check-in.
  • If once you have checked in, you can neither cancel nor make changes to your booking. It would help if you boarded the flight, failing which you will lose the ticket and get no refunds for the same.   

In the aviation sector, PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. PNR is a digital file containing all the information about the passengers coming together and includes the booking details. With the help of a PNR number, you can easily check the flight status and login into your Jazeera Airways account, where you can find all the details of all your airline reservations.  

No, the PNR and flight numbers are not the same because a flight number is a specific code that an airline assigns to a particular flight in its network. This flight number helps the air traffic controller to organize and track the flight in the air and helps them to provide a specific way. On the other hand, the PNR number is the booking or reference number created by the airline when a passenger books a flight with Jazeera Airlines.  

You can check your flight status on Jazeera Airways by PNR number through various methods, and the most and simplest method is written below. You can also use the steps mentioned below to check your flight with the help of a PNR number.

  • Open Jazeera Airways website.
  • On the website's homepage, press the 'manage booking' option.
  • Enter the details such as PNR or booking number and surname of the passenger in the given blanks.
  • Select the reservation for which you want to check the status and hit the flight status tab.
  • You will get the summary of your booking along with the flight status of your booking.

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