How Do I Change my Name on Air Europa?

A Comprehensive Guide to Make Name Correction Process At Air Europa Smooth

Air Europa stands out of the crowd because of its affordable and flexible change policies. The airline bestows upon name correction policy for travelers who made an error in name while booking a ticket. Have you also made a typo? You are reading just the right article.

Here, you can find Air Europa name change policy and procedures of bringing the change. So, start reading the upcoming section to gain comprehensive insights about name corrections at Air Europa!

Air Europa Name Change Policy

Before a person skips to the name change procedure, it would be a good step to first learn about the related policies. Different airlines hold different policies when it comes to name changing. Please read through these Air Europa policies governing the name change process.

  • The airline follows strict policies to ensure the safety of the passengers. Passengers can only avail this service if their flight is operated under Air Europa only. The journey must take place via an Air Europa flight for the whole ticket itinerary.
  • In most cases, asking, "Can I change passenger name in Air Europa ticket?" is indeed a valid question because, for most parts, the airline does not allow the name change feature on its tickets. This means, unlike other airline services, you cannot change your name on your own from the official website. So, no, you cannot change the name on your ticket on your own.
  • In most cases, once the airline issues the ticket to you, you cannot make any kind of changes to the passenger details, including a name change. The airline will allow you to make changes only under rare conditions, and for that, you must get in touch with an airline support executive.
  • According to the general Air Europa name change policy, you will always have to call the airline support team and ask them to make changes to your name if your condition qualifies for it.

How can I change my flight on Air Europa?

Worried about the change in your travel plans in the future? Do not worry; book now with Air Europa and change the date of your flight later if you find its requirement. All you need to do is request the flight change through "Manage my Booking" and get a new ticket for your travel with a new date. Here is how you can do that: 

  • Get to the official page of Air Europa. 
  • Locate the "Manage my Booking" option at the top of the page. 
  • Enter the passengers' last name and booking reference code, and tap on Retrieve Booking to get the details of your booking. 
  • Now, move to the menu section and select the "Flight Change" option. 
  • Get a form on the next page, complete the form, mention the reason for the flight change, and provide the supported documents if you have one. 
  • Make the payment and get a new ticket with the changes you have asked for.

Can I change my name on Air Europa flight I booked

Yes, passengers who made an error in their name while booking are suggested to rectify their mistake. Otherwise, the airline will not allow them to board the flight. You can change the name through "Manage my Booking." here are some of the directions to change the name on the booked ticket; remember these directions while changing the name: 

  • A passenger can change a maximum of three characters in their name. 
  • Tickets cannot be transferred to another person. 
  • The surname of the passengers can be changed in legal situations such as marriage or divorce.

Air Europa Name Correction Policy:

Below-given are the major highlights to consider before you make corrections in the name:

  • You cannot correct names once you have a confirmed flight reservation. And, you can only make changes to up to three characters for free.
  • Also, if you want to change the full name and transfer the ticket to someone else, cancel the reservation first. Please make a new booking with the required name on it.
  • Moreover, you can bring changes only if Air Europa operates the flight directly.

Stay updated with these points before looking for an answer to how do I change my name on Air Europa. Once you go thoroughly with the terms and conditions, you can check out the next section to start the name change formalities.

Air Europa Name Change Procedure

Follow the given easy steps to change your name seamlessly:

  • Dial the airline's customer service number and wait until you hear IVR instructions from the other end.
  • Follow the instructions carefully and click the required button to get through the concerned department.
  • Once an agent picks up the line, ask them to bring the necessary name changes to your ticket. 
  • The agent might require a solid reason for why you need to correct it along with your flight details.
  • If you are eligible, the agents can process the change on your behalf.
  • Also, pay the applicable charges, if any, and wait to receive a correction confirmation invoice.

You now know how do I change my name on Air Europa without any hassle; complete the formalities without any further ado. However, if you need help anytime throughout the journey, you can rely on the airline's 24*7 available customer support teams. 

Air Europa Name Change Cost/Fee

Now your next question is going to be something like, "How much does it cost to change a ticket name on Air Europa" so please note; If you need to make changes upto three characters in your name, this service is free for all passengers. However, if your name changes require more than that, it might not be possible. Based on how long before take-off you want to change it and the airline's rules, you might need to pay some fee. The airline will decide on this fee, and it is not fixed.

Hence, the passengers should note the appropriate contact number and call the airline support team directly, as they are more qualified to handle such cases. The team works round the clock and will happily oblige to help you.

How Do I Change my Date on Air Europa?

You can change your Air Europa flight date at any Air Europa sales office at the airport or by calling the after-sales service of Air Europa. Besides, you can also change the date by visiting the official website of Air Europa. To change the date of your flight online, here you can follow the simple steps below.

Simple Steps To Change The Date on Air Europa

  • Go to the official site of Air Europa and then find out manage my booking section.
  • You can also directly visit the My trip page, visiting the link
  • Search your trip by using your confirmation number and surname
  • Select the trip you need to change the date for, and click on the change button
  • Select the new date as per availability and proceed further
  • Save the changes and pay for the change fee and fare difference if applicable
  • You need to follow the instructions to complete the flight date change process

Besides, remember that air Europa doesn't allow you to change the name and route after booking. The above procedure applies to the tickets you purchase from authorized air Europa sources. You must contact the agency directly for a third-party booking.

Can You Change Your Air Europa Flight Date Once Booked?

Yes, Air Europa allows you to change the flight date after booking. You can make the changes by visiting the official website, calling air Europa after-sales service, and visiting the sales office at the airport.

Can I Change Air Europa Flight Dates Free?

As per various online sources, yes, you can change your flight date for free with Air Europa. Besides, you must pay the fare difference if the new ticket is more expensive than the original one. The change fee is based on various external factors; you should speak to the air Europa customer service directly to know whether it is free in your case or not.

The Air Europa loyalty program allows passengers to change their flight dates for free. In addition, the alternate way is to cancel your flight ticket for free within 24 hours of booking and book a new flight ticket with a new date. In that case, you get a full refund and only need to pay the fare difference.

How Much Does It Cost To Change your Air Europa Flight Date?

The air Europa allows you to change the booking up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure. In that case, you might also need to pay a change fee of around $ 55. However, you can eliminate the change flight fee by purchasing a travel premium of around $ 20 in advance during booking.

Air Europa Date Change Policy

  • The Air Europa flight change policy applies to all fares and passengers regardless of fare rules and selected service class.
  • Per the policy, you can't change the flight tickets booked via a third party or travel agency.
  • The Air Europa flight change policy permits you to change the departure and arrival dates for unused and partially flown tickets within 72 hours of departure. It applies only to the party mentioned in the air Europa ticket booking PNR.
  • The Air Europa flight change policy covers only those tickets which are booked via the Air Europa booking portal, Air Europa contact center, and ticket counter at the airport.
  • As per the policy, you can only change the date of your Air Europa flight ticket. Route and name changes are not allowed.
  • You can change your Air Europa flight date up to 2 hours before departure by calling the contact center, visiting the ticket counter, and the airline's official website.
  • Air Europa doesn't support a 24-hour policy to change flight dates. However, you can cancel your flight for a full refund within 24 hours and make a new reservation with a new date; the fare difference applies.

How does it cost to change Air Europa flight?

Any change in the flight ticket is subject to a fee. However, Air Europa has not mentioned the exact price to be paid for the flight change as it depends on various factors. Thus, you are advised to get in touch with their representative by dialing their contact number 1 (844) 415-3955 to get the accurate figures. Passengers can avoid these charges. For this, you are advised to make the changes to your ticket within 24 hours of your booking. 

Why can't I change my Air Europa flight?

Passengers can make changes to their tickets anytime after the booking. However, if you violate any rules and regulations of Air Europa for flight change, they may not entertain your request. In such cases, they may deny you the flight change. Thus, to avoid this, you are advised to read the Air Europa Flight Change Policy before you apply for it. Here are the policies of flight change are mentioned below: 

  • Flight change is subject to the availability of the seats on the given flight. 
  • No change in the flight ticket is possible once you complete the check-in process. 
  • Passengers must pay the fare difference between the two flights. Otherwise, the airline will not entertain your flight change request. 
  • If the flight is delayed or canceled, you are free to rebook the next available flight with the airline and they will not charge any extra amount from you for the flight change in such cases. 

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