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How To Change Flight On British Airways

Have you booked your flight tickets on British Airways? But have also been going through last minute dilemma due to which you wish to change your bookings? Well, such situation can be really troublesome, however, British Airways understands such things and have provided certain ways to make things easier for you.

Besides, the airline offers various ways to ensure that you can easily change your BA flights online or offline. Hence, read further to know about the British Airways Flight Change Policy, flight change fee, and the online flight change process, etc.

What To Know About The British Airways Flight Change Policy

  • As per the flight change policy, British Airways lets you change your bookings in terms of returning flight within 48 hours due to health-related problems and other serious situations within the scheduled flight departure time.
  • The British Airways Flight Change Fee can vary depending upon the fare type (refundable, non-refundable, award, etc.), routes, destinations, flight change time. However, the passengers are also required to pay the fare differences between their original and next BA flight bookings.
  • Also, the airline suggested to make all kind of changes 14 days prior to the original time of departure of the BA flight. And no changes can be made post the British Airways flight change deadline.
  • As per the 24 hours’ flight change policy, British Airways lets you change its flight tickets within 24 hours of the purchase without charging its flight change fee.

Important Guidelines On The British Airways Change Flight Same Day

As per the British Airways Change Flight Same Day, the airline lets you change its flight bookings on same day within 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure of the booked flight. However, the flight changes should be on the same day of the departure of the original bookings.

 Also, the same day change should be made on the same route and between the airports that lies on the earlier on the original BA booking itinerary.

In the event, if you have already checked into your BA bookings through offline or online mode, then the airline won’t allow to opt for the same day change on the original BA booking. Also, you are required to pay the British Airways flight change cost along with the difference in fare routes.

Online British Airways Flight Change: Steps

  • Visit the official website of British Airways in your web browser, then scroll to the Manage option, the hit the Manage Tab. 
  • Next, you’ll need to fill in the booking information such as booking reference number, passenger’s last name, and then hit the find my booking option to get to the manage booking page.
  • Next, select the Flight Change option, then you can find all the flight change options so that you can make changes as per your preferences.
  • Finally, you’ll need to make payments for your flight change by using the appropriate payment method (fare difference + flight change cost, if required).

How Late Can I Change My BA Flight

You can change your booking on up to 48 hours after the originally scheduled time of departure. To make changes after then, you must phone us, or visit a travel shop. All changes must be made within 14 days of the originally scheduled departure time.

How Long Do BA Refunds Take

Sometimes plans may get changed therefore you need to cancel the British airways flight ticket. To get the refund, you need to cancel the flight and fill the refund form. But before the flight cancellation, you need to understand the British airways refund policy to get the maximum refund. Following are the detailed information about the terms and conditions which you need to know for the refund:

  • If you want to get a full refund, you need to cancel the flight within 24 hours of the booking. But if you made a cancellation after 24 hours, you need to pay some charges, which will deduct from the original price, and the rest will be refunded to your payment mode. 
  • If you are unable to board the journey due to an emergency or the death of a family member, you can get a full refund on your flight ticket, but you need to submit some proof of documents.
  • You can apply for the refund seven days before the departure, and your refund will be processed within 7-10 working days at your payment mode.
  • If you purchase the non-refundable ticket, you will get the flight voucher once you cancel the flight and fill the online refund form.

If you have any problem with the terms and conditions of the British airways refund policy, you can contact their customer service team and get the refund. You need to open the British airways contact section and get all the details to reach the representative like call, chat, email or social media.

BA Helpline

Moreover, kindly contact the airline’s customer services for more information on the British Airways Flight Change Policy, fee, flight change process, etc.

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