American Airlines Infant Policy

Get significant tips on how to add a lap child to American Airlines. 

American Airlines will provide excellent guidance, help add a lap child to your flight, and make your flight journey to your required destination hassle-free. Hence, when you travel to your required destination with your family on this US-based airline, it is committed to caring for your children and providing a safe and secure flight journey. So, if you want to travel with your child and experience positive trip assistance, you will have enough time to check the service. You also need to understand the American Airlines Infant Policy, which instructs you to show a valid birth certificate, and if your child is under 2 years old, you need to board early at the gate smoothly. Get further details to avoid your doubts when traveling with your children. 

How do I add a lap child to American Airlines?

If you want to add a lap child to American Airliens, you need to understand the rules and regulations and get complete help to make your trip more comfortable. You can add your child when booking your flight or during an online check-in. Hence, to add a child to your booking, get the easy tips below.

  • First, visit the official website of American Airlines and go to the booking option.
  • You must enter the departure and arrival destiantion with the travel date and time.
  • Select your preferred class and go to the passenger details to add your child quickly.
  • After searching for a flight, you will get the preferred seats for you and your child and complete the booking accordingly. 

Can you add lap infant after booking American Airlines?

Yes, you can add a lap infant after booking American Airlines and go to the check-in option to add your child conveniently. You will find a notification to add your child if you have already requested a real person over a phone call. You will be asked to add your only child without paying any charges, but if you have two, you will be asked to book a seat and pay the nominal charges. You might also be asked to show a birth certificate to prove your child is under two years old and add lap infant after booking your American Airlines flight and make your flight journey more comfortable and suitable.  

Does American Airlines charge for infants on a lap?

No, American Airlines does not charge for infants on a lap, but if you travel with two, you need to book a seat at a reasonable charge. Hence, when you travel within the United States with a child under 2 years old, you can travel with your booked flight ticket and avoid paying any unnecessary charges during your flight journey for your child. 

Do kids under 2 fly free with American Airlines?

Yes, if you are traveling with a kid of under 2 years with American Airlines, you don't need to pay any charges. But if you book a seat for your child, you will be asked to pay the charges depending on the type of fare, route, and destiantion you choose to travel. 

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